Tips for last minute hair removal

Consejos para una depilación de última hora
The last night of the year is approaching and we have several reasons to show off a beautiful and hair-free skin. Either because the dress we are going to wear will leave our armpits and legs in the air or because we want to show off that red lingerie set that does not allow groins that are not impeccable. Surely, many of you will realize it too late, you will not be able to find space in the agendas of the beauty salons and you will wax yourselves. To prevent the remedy from being worse than the disease, we want to guide you with a few tips simple tips for optimal hair removal:


Prepare your skin before waxing, exfoliate to lift the hair and facilitate its removal. Use a warm and soft wax, your skin will be much less agressed. If any hair remains you can remove it with tweezers. Then apply a moisturizing cream to the entire area and a few hours later apply rosehip oil.


This area is more delicate and prone to redness and hair growth. Depilate 2-3 days in advance, you can also exfoliate the area gently, place an amount that you can pull off in one go. Go over the epilation with tweezers and apply a cool, moisturizing gel.


Remember that this is a very sensitive skin and some hairs tend to get ingrown. Use a wax suitable for the area. To remove the hair at the back, you can sit down and place your heel on the same seat (the knee will be at the height of your face), the skin will be tight and it will be easier to apply the wax and remove it. And now yes, no trace of hair to welcome the new year. Happy 2017!