10 steps for a party makeup

10 pasos para un maquillaje de fiesta
1. Cleanse your skin very well and apply a flash ampoule or a serum with lifting effect immediate. 2. Apply your usual foundation with a sponge by adding two drops of argan oil. 3. Apply with the same sponge or with your fingertips a small amount of argan oil. highlighter on the upper area of the cheekbones, the nose bar, the contour of the upper lip and the center of the chin. 4. You can also choose to apply a darker shade on the contour of the forehead, the facial oval and the sides of the nose and the diagonal from the middle of the ear and towards the corner of the mouth. 5. Intensify your look with shadows chocolate, burgundy or gray (depending on the shade that suits you best). Blur the arch of the upper eyelid and draw the lower line of the eye with the same shade. Next, if you want a more intense effect, apply eye liner. 6. Be generous with the mascara and apply several coats. 7. Remember that the eyebrows frame your look, use a pencil pencil or shadow to outline them and give them the desired shape. 8. To finish, a flattering blusher and, if needed, a translucent powder to avoid shine. 9. Lips of your choice: But the current trend calls for dark tonesfrom burgundy to brown. 10. With a beautiful skin and a worked makeup opt for a wet&dry effect for your hair.