SYNERGY LIFTING BALL... Lifting before and after

SYNERGY LIFTING BALL... El antes y el después del Lifting

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SYNERGY LIFTING BALL by Ara Rosón©, dhis best seller, Synergy, Maystar's star and most awarded product, with two patents in force that act against aging, a spin-off is born: SYNERGY LIFTING BALL The SLB method combines the best anti-aging cosmetic with the most advanced techniques of facial training and with a protocol designed by facialist Ara Rosón, known for being a pioneer in Spain of facial yoga and for her S.M.A.S. technique. THE BEFORE AND AFTER LIFTING

Ara Rosón
Ara Rosón

A protocol designed by Ara Rosón, known for being a pioneer in Spain of facial yoga and for her S.M.A.S. technique, inspired by oriental techniques and sacrocranial therapy, among others.

Maystar Group presents an innovation in the field of anti-aging with the SYNERGY LIFTING BALL method. by Ara Rosón©a facelift without appliances that combines the latest generation of Maystar Skincare's SYNERGY LIFT cosmetic with the most advanced facial training techniques. A protocol designed by Ara Rosón, known for being a pioneer in Spain of facial yoga and for her S.M.A.S. technique, and is inspired by oriental techniques and sacrocranial therapy, among others.

AN INNOVATIVE TREATMENT TO GET A NATURAL BOTOX EFFECT FROM THE FIRST APPLICATION The perfect synergy between Biorelax and Lifting Ball. There are many signs of aging on the face (wrinkles, spots, sagging, dullness, dehydration, etc.). However, it is wrinkles and facial sagging that are of most concern. Behind these problems, we find the musculoskeletal system of the face as the main protagonist. What we perceive at skin level is really the consequence of the deterioration and lack of tone of the tissues underneath. The SYNERGY method

LIFTING BALL method has been created with the aim of accelerating the facial treatment with training techniques and to treat the tissues under the skin such as connective tissue, muscles, ligaments and bones. The Biorelax Lifting Serum, from the Synergy Lift collection, has a 70% concentration of the latest generation active ingredients with a remodeling, tightening and wrinkle-filling action. A product with two patents in force that directly address the two major problems of aging (wrinkles and sagging): Aminocontraxyl, a wrinkle inhibitor with a Botox effect, and Bio Slim, which drains facial fluids and lipids.

The SECRET OF THE LIFTING BALL Global facial treatment: bones, connective tissue, muscles and skin. It is a very effective facial training that acts on the whole system of facial anatomy, which reinforces the natural anchors of the face, releases the restrictions to movement and allows a natural repositioning of the soft tissues. The muscles of facial mimicry are not independent of each other as is the case with the rest of the skeletal muscles of the body, but are part of the S.M.A.S., the facial muscular system, formed by fascia and connective tissue, as well as musculature. Something that this unique protocol takes into account when training the face. The function of the S.M.A.S. is multiple. On the one hand, it is responsible for synchronizing the movement of all the muscles of facial mimicry that perform the gestures. On the other hand, it plays a fundamental role in holding the face, and it is here that we act with our training. As Rosón points out, "after more than 15 years training the face, I have observed that by acting on key points of the SMAS, the whole system is activated, thus reinforcing the natural anchors more efficiently, as well as normalizing the muscle tone of the face". S.M.A.S Training is a facial training practice that is a step beyond yoga, facial gymnastics and conventional massages. For this training we will use the SYNERGY Lifting Ballsspecially designed massage balls to come into contact with all the tissues of the face and apply these special facial massage techniques designed to act in synergy with SYNERGY LIFT. With the Lifting Balls, we seek to strengthen the facial system to maintain its function of holding the face and neck, getting to raise the facial features, including the cheekbones, define the facial oval, eliminate jowls, as well as improve the upper third, raising the eyebrows and clearing the look. We complete the training with specific applications to treat the main bones of the face and release tensions, as well as on certain facial muscle groups for a natural Botox effect.

The results of facial rejuvenation can be astonishing.

BIORELAX LIFTING SERUM Nourishing serum, repairing and inhibiting wrinkles and expression lines. Powerful Global Lifting effect.


3. TRAINING TUTORIAL With the purchase of this pack, a QR code is included that allows access to the tutorial developed by Ara Rosón, consisting of 6 videos. In these videos, the daily routine and the different applications on the different areas of the face are taught, as well as self-massage techniques with the hands.

4. MEMBERSHIP TO THE VITAL BEAUTY CLUB The SYNERGY LIFTING BALL experience is a self-treatment included in the Luxury Beauty under Maystar's Vital Beauty philosophy. Aimed at women who are self-demanding with their own beauty and who have the culture of living beauty as a pleasure and with self-responsibility. You take care of yourself according to how much you love yourself. And for this reason, with the purchase of this pack, Maystar Skincare will offer a membership where you can make on-line consultations with the beauty advisors, as well as receive advice, product shipments, personalized protocols, samples and testers.

Synergy Lifting Ball Pack RRP: 94,95€ SALE AT MAYSTAR.COM AND AESTHETIC CENTERS. In order to be able to perform this method at home, Maystar Skincare presents the SYNERGY LIFTING BALL at Home Pack containing: SYNERGY LIFTING BALL treatment effects from the first application - Eyebrow arch lift - Clear look - Cheekbone lift - Nasolabial fold improvement - Facial oval definition - Natural botox effect between the eyebrows and forehead - Brighter and more radiant face - Decrease of facial edema - Stimulation of collagen production - Deep well-being.