Microemulsion, the pleasure of the invisible

La microemulsión, el placer de lo invisible

What is microemulsion

If we mix water and oil by stirring, they remain united while stirring; when we stop stirring, they separate. If, on the other hand, we stir the mixture and add a substance called emulsifier/emulsifier, we obtain a stable mixture which is called emulsionThis is formed by small oil droplets inside the water or small water droplets inside the oil, the internal or external phase depending on the method chosen according to the most stable conditions. If the internal droplets are made to decrease in size so that they allow light to pass through, the emulsion becomes transparent and the microemulsion. A microemulsion, unlike an emulsion, is a thermodynamically stable system.

The 4 parts of a microemulsion

A microemulsion is based on four elements, an emulsifieran co-emulsifiera aqueous phase and a oily phase. The precise combination of these elements facilitates the formation of a structure formed by microdroplets of such a small size that light can pass through them without being diffused. Microemulsions are systems where the surfactant facilitates the coexistence of water and oil. The appearance of microemulsions as mentioned above is transparent because the droplets that form their internal phase are of a very small size (10-50nm), this size is not perceptible to the human eye. The emulsions however have an opaque appearance and light will be absorbed. In contrast to emulsions, microemulsions are formed by droplet sizes of microdroplet sizes They will therefore act as a better vehicle of action allowing an optimal penetration of the active ingredients on contact with the skin. The manufacture of microemulsions has an energetic and economic advantage in that they can be used in a wide range of applications. manufactured cold without the need for heating, which leads to a reduction in energy consumption and in turn a greater contribution to the improvement and care of the environment.

Microemulsion in cosmetics

Increasingly, cosmetic formulators are aware that night repair serums must contain a higher concentration of active ingredients than a day or night cream, which is why the most commonly used galenic formulas are microemulsions. which allow to incorporate in the formula high concentrations of active ingredients. Microemulsions are favored for their stability because they contain a high concentration of emulsifier and co-emulsifier, which is sometimes a problem since many emulsifying systems can cause irritation and itching. Due to their structure, some microemulsions can feel sticky and have a bitter taste. Often with a higher concentration of a good perfume and by combining oils of different polarity, the above problems can be minimized quite a bit.

Microemulsion in Maystar

Maystar Cosmética has developed a serum in the form of a microemulsion with a global lifting effect with a high concentration of active ingredients called Synergy Lift Biorelax Lifting Serum. Formulated with the latest generation of peptides that help to smooth wrinkles the surface of the skin, improving its appearance. These amazing results are especially due to the high concentration of active ingredients that allows to accept the microemulsion in its structure and to the very small particle size that will serve to vectorize the active ingredients more quickly into the skin.