Chenoa: "We must not forget neck and décolleté".

Chenoa: “No debemos olvidar cuello y escote”
Come back Operación Triunfo to celebrate the 15th anniversary of its first broadcast and, with it, Chenoa is back in fashion. In addition, the Majorcan singer is a member of the jury of the television program Tu cara me suena. She is constantly exposed to public opinion and, therefore, Chenoa knows that taking care of herself is one of the most important things in her daily life, explains "la ex triunfita". "My mother once told me: 'The face doesn't end at your chin, the neck and décolleté are important," explains the ex-successful singer. And for Maystar Cosmética they are too. Therefore, we want to recommend two products that can be very good for these areas. For neck and décolleté, a very effective facial cream: Excellence Anti-age Treatment Cream from the Sinergy Lift line.. Chenoa admits that removing makeup is vital to leave the skin ready for "an optimal rest" and confesses that she prefers a natural makeup with which to cover imperfections and unify the tone of the face. "Although it may not look like it, it's the most complicated," she says. She likes to apply masks and get massages to relax, and to activate her lymphatic drainage, since "with so much travel, I need it". Her handbag never lacks a lipstick and an under-eye concealer, for those long working days that never seem to end. She always has to be perfect! And what does she think of cosmetic operations? Well, it's something she keeps to herself, although "with the good products that are currently available, if you persevere, you can achieve good results". And what she would never do? Not use sunscreen. "I'm mixed race and I use high protection factorsbecause the sun damages and ages the skin," she concludes. You already know that at Maystar Cosmética we have the line Sun Supreme Careline, ideal to protect the skin from sun exposure.