Malú can't live without moisturizers, can you?

Malú no puede vivir sin las cremas hidratantes, ¿y tú?
She is one of the most fashionable women on television right now. With the return of the The Voicewhich airs every Wednesday on Telecinco, Malú is once again in the spotlight. She knows that being a public figure implies, among other things, taking care of herself. The image is very important and one of the products that can not fail in your bathroom are the moisturizing creams. According to herself, in summer her skin dries out a lot and that's why she usually pampers her body with moisturizers, although she also uses them all year round. Of course, Malú is right, it is very important to keep the skin of the whole body hydrated. And in Maystar Cosmetics we have many products that can help you keep your skin beautiful. For the singer, cleansing is also very important. "The best advice I've been given is to always remove my makeup before going to sleep so that my skin can breathe," she says. The same thing she told us a few days ago Cristina Pedroche. In her bag there is no lack of a good hand cream and a moisturizing lipstick. Although she tries to live a healthy lifestyle, she confesses that "I also indulge my whims". And her exercise routine? "With the pace of life I lead, it's difficult to follow a routine, but when I can, I go for a walk with my dogs," she says. If you want to have a look at all the options you have in our online store to hydrate your body, enter here.