Natural makeup

Maquillaje natural
The curious thing about the age is that as a young you support the makeup but you do not need it, and as much as you need it, it does not look so good. The ideal?. Natural makeup. Mix two or three drops of Biorelax Lifting Sérum From Synergy Lift with your usual makeup base for a juicy and healthy appearance on your skin. Add some concealer under your eyes and down. The cream blush gives more healthy skin sensation. In cheekbones and eyelids, you will avoid shadows. A touch of illuminator on the mobile eyelid. A little shine on the lips. And laugh ideally brown if you are blonde and black if you are brunette. And don't forget before makeup, clean, apply Essential Oxygen Mist of Hydrovect hydrate it with your choice cream. Remember that the skin will be like a canvas for your makeup.