Keep your skin hydrated

Mantén hidratada tu piel
How to know if your skin remains hydrated during the summer? The skin is the largest organ of our body and fulfills as important functions as:
  • Protect ourselves from the external environment
  • Barrier against infections
  • Regulate body temperature
  • Controls the exchange of substances with the outside environment
So it is not only a matter of aesthetics to keep your skin hydrated, but it is also for health. How does summer affect your skin? When summer comes, our habits change. We spend more time outdoors, we change the type of clothing we wear, we sunbathe, we bathe on the beach and/or in the pool ... All this can cause the following in your skin:
  • More loss of water in the layers internal the skin due to heat. Water evaporation in these layers causes lack of elasticity and sagging.
  • The hydrolipidic barrier that protects the epidermis is altered. Which translates into more dryness, irritation, trenching and peeling.
  • Cutaneous aging is accelerated by the formation of free radicals of ultraviolet radiation.
  • Keeping the skin hydrated in summer is as easy as following these simple tips.
  1. Drink water.
In our skin it is between 15 and 20% of the water of our body. It is essential to hydrate from within to maintain a more flexible, firm and elastic skin. Drink at least 1 liter and a half of water a day.
  1. Moisturizer.
Don't forget her, use her daily. The best time to apply a body lotion is after the shower when the skin is cleaner and a bit wet. At this time the pores are more open and better absorb the properties of moisturizing creams while water retention is greater.
  1. Exfolia your skin.
As the years pass, cell renewal slows down and the peeling appears, which causes a drier aspect and the appearance of wrinkles. This produces a toxins barrier that does not let the skin oxygen in a correct way. A periodic exfoliation will help us eliminate these dead cells and regeneration.
  1. Choose a suitable product for your face.
According to your skin type you will need one product or another. Never use body moisturizing lotions to hydrate your face. We recommend you include in your beauty routine the hydration of the face and for this summer the Essential Oxygen Ice Cream With its light texture that in addition to refreshing you will maintain your revitalized skin thanks to its essential hydration and oxygen contribution. Perfect to apply after a summer day for intensive and deep recovery.
  1. Sleep well
Sleeping the right hours makes the recovery of the immune system more optimal. It even affects the production of collagen from there the importance of sleeping 7 to 8 hours a day.
  1. Let your face breathe
Don't go to bed without cleaning your face. In addition to the makeup that we apply on the face, throughout the day, pollution and dust particles are deposited on our face. So before going to sleep uses a product that eliminates the remains of makeup and impurities like ours Make Up Remover Invorting Emulsion that does not alter the sensitive skins.
  1. Do not abuse the sun
The sun's rays have a very high ultraviolet light index during the summer that affect the growth of dermis cells, reduce elasticity and favor the appearance of premature aging. That is why it is best not to abuse long exhibitions in the sun and always use sun protection.