The importance of a good massage

La importancia de un buen masaje

Constancy and tenacity are vital if you want to take care of yourself and see results.

Daily routine: Gently pass a mane glove in the area that worries you once a day. If you have an area with cellulite applies our Anti -cellulite cream Essential Body reducer. The ideal would be twice a day in the affected area with energetic, circular and ascending massages. You can do it with your knuckles to deepen the action.

If you do not have cellulite or in areas that do not have it and want to reaffirm or improve the quality of your skin use the ESENTIAL BODY BODY HYDRATING EMULSION. It is very moisturizing and light. You'll love it. And do not forget to pass your mane glove, the results will be more visible.

If you want to do it professionally, go to your closest center, see us in @maystarskincare.