Face hydration

Hidratación del rostro
In addition to drinking a lot of water, another home remedies to hydrate the skin is to take infusions such as green tea, chamomile, lavender, white tea or rosemary. Cutaneous hydration is essential to maintain the full protection barrier, to avoid early wrinkles, and provide elasticity to the skin as an antiaging effect in general. It is convenient to do it twice a day after cleaning. If the skin is very dehydrated, it can be done more times, with two or three different lines to take advantage of the assets of each of it. We present our range of moisturizers for each stage and age.
Young skins For young and fat skins it is essential to find cosmetics free of oils of mineral origin. All Maystar Skincare's cosmetics is exempt from such oils. That is why it is so versatile and so well tolerated by all skin types.

Mature skins Combine two or three cosmetic textures for the different moments of the day and to take advantage of all the assets of each.

If we seek to prevent aging we have creams and serums of the lines:

Cellular Expression Vitamin C, Optimal Renewal Y Synergy Lift.

It is essential that you also apply a sunscreen to avoid aging photo. SUN SUPREME SUN 50 SUN SUPREME CARE.

+ 50 At this age what you want is to keep your skin and stop aging. Again we recommend using the serums and creams combining several lines: • Optimal Renewal With growth factors for extreme hydration of your skin. • Caviar Therapy to provide antioxidant and moisturizing assets. •Synergy Lift with a cumulative tensioning effect. • Cellular Expression Vitamin C To give a plus of light to your skin. • Caviar Therap ampoulesAnd before an event. And do not stop applying sun protection as a daily routine Sun supreme fps 50 of Sun Supreme Care.