La fórmula magistral para tener una piel longeva

As the years go by, we see how the needs of our skin vary, and sometimes we are not aware of the care we need, luckily, we have more and more information on how to get good health and beauty of our skin.

If we rely on that all physiological functions are slowing down, it is clear to us that we need master formulas with activating ingredients, which avoid premature aging and thus maintain the good condition of the skin.

The main keys to maintaining long -term skin:

Increase the defensive capacity of the skin, in this way the skin will be more protected and will have tools to neutralize them free radicals that are exposed.

Increase hydration and thus avoid transepidermal water loss.

Promote cell regeneration and thus repair the tissue and keep it healthy.

From Maystar we present you, Optimal Renewal, a master formula based on epidermal growth factors, which manages to alleviate all the most longe and sensitive skins.

By adding the different epidermal growth factors, we managed Aging, in short, it gets cellular structures to do their functions correctly, returning luminosity, juiciness, hydration, getting silk skin. And contributing more weapons so that it does not react to the cold, or different external factors. And on the other, work in dermis, activating the proliferation of fibroblasts, managing to generate more collagen, elastin and having more turgidity in more aging skin.

Revolutionary cosmetic treatment, which provides us with a spectacular anti -aging effect since it achieves an intense cell regeneration from the inside.

His intensive cabin treatment and his daily ritual for home will help us effectively take care of the longest -sensitized skins, sensitized by different kinds, managing to recover and return the necessary juiciness and nutrition.

In the line you can find the micellar water, for a respectful and delicate daily cleaning. The micelles help us withdraw the impurities being very respectful of the hydrolypid mantle of our skin.

For our daily ritual, we have cream and serum, which will help us repair and protect the skin, activating cell regeneration from the inside.

And to improve the absorption of the assets that we put each day, we must take care of the skin to achieve greater permeability.

For this we have the Podwer Peeling, a soft enzymatic peeling of organic origin, which will clean and exfoliate the skin leaving it soft. And the mask to enhance the treatment and feel the well -being that gives the care of oneself, managing to improve the health of our skin.

Ángela Tejedera / Cosmetologist/dietitian