Shelter your skin to face the cold

Abriga tu piel para hacerle frente al frío

The temperature drops are already the order of the day, it was time to get the scarves, coats, scarves, caps, caps, to enjoy the colors offered by winter.

But, do we know how to prepare our skin for the cold that happens to us?

We must be aware that when temperatures descend, our corneal layer can be sensitized due to water loss, we will notice our dry skin and increase their needs.

How to take care of the skin in winter?

We cannot neglect our daily hygiene, with soothing, moisturizing products that respect the pH of our skin. Our sensitive line, with a specific formulation for the most delicate skins, meets all the requirements that your skin needs in winter. We must opt ​​for a temperate temperature of water, avoiding sudden changes that can intercede in the health of our capillaries.

Another important point is hydration, as we have mentioned above, our corneal layer weakens, and will affect our defense ability to external agents, so we must use formulas that hydrate, nourish us and help us protect ourselves from cold.

From Maystar we recommend you Optimal Renewal, an enriched line with epidermal growth factors, which helps us increase skin density, improve its hydration, recover the drier and cracked skins, as well as offer us a powerful anti -age effect.

It is a line that is indicated for all skin types including the most sensitive, both male and female.

Remind you that we can not only find the daily ritual for home, we can also find in the professional centers intensive treatments that recover your skin and leave it prepared to face the cold that surrounds us.

We must not forget to protect the most sensitive areas, such as the lips, for this we need daily to take care of them and protect them with essential fatty acids from vegetable oils, which are respectful of our skin and provide us Synergy Lips you have the solution, in addition to protecting them you will feel your lips repulpated, juicy and by activating microcirculation with an irresistibly healthier color.

And a point that we should not forget throughout the year is the photoprotection, one of the main care to avoid premature aging, in Maystar you can find the Sun Supreme Care line, which in addition to protection gives us an antioxidant action that helps us Repair the skin neutralizing free radicals.

Make him in front of the cold and wears your skin according to the temperatures that surround us enjoying all the elements offered by the winter landscape.

Angela Tejedera