How to take care of sensitive skins

Como cuidar las pieles sensibles

The cold arrived and with it the different manifestations that affect the most sensitive skins.

A sensitive skin is more prone to irritations and to have exaggerated manifestations before different external and internal agents.

If we talk about external agents, we must highlight the wind and cold, which affect the skin decreasing the water level and reducing their defense ability to the sun. Drastic temperature changes are one of the most remarkable agents.

On the other hand, be aware of the products we are using for daily cleaning, since many soaps with strong tensiumactive can unbalance our hydrolypid mantle and create irritation, as well as perfumes, dyes and different chemical substances that we use daily.

If we talk about internal agents, we can highlight a poor microcirculation, stress, different hormonal changes.

The most visible signs are, redness, dryness, inflammation and even peeling. Sensitive skins usually present a sensation of tank and even stinging, since their defensive capacity is compromised, its hydrolypidal mantle is affected causing loss of water level and that causes that there is a greater absorption of irritating agents.

If your skin is sensitive, you must use products that have soothing, decongestive active formulation and that adapt to the needs of your skin.

From Maystar we recommend you The sensitive line, the most delicate line, which pampers and protects the most needy skins.

Where you will find a soothing and softening cleaning emulsion, a soft thermal water lotion, bacteriologically pure, which helps us balance the natural pH of the skin.

And the line of the line, the hypoallergenic cream, a cream that has an extremely soft and light texture, helping us to calm, relieve the sensation of trenzz, reducing redness, decongesting and reinforcing the defensive skin capacity.

Suitable for male and female skin.

To intensify the treatment and help us protect and increase the defense capacity of the most sensitive skins, we recommend that you make intensive treatments with Starbio, Boosters formulated with probiotics, which help balance the microbiota of the skin, giving it the protection and strength they need.

That the cold does not catch you off guard@, wrap your skin with the best formulation that Maystar has developed for you.

Angela Tejedera