Interview with Naroa Viles, runner-up in the 1st Starpil National Hair Removal Contest

Entrevista a Naroa Viles, subcampeona del I Concurso Nacional de Depilación Starpil
"I like to wax men, they come when there is real hair, not like us". The San Sebastian-born Naroa Viles, second runner-up in the 1st Starpil National Hair Removal Contest, has granted an interview to Diario Vasco where she talks about her time in the contest and her work as a beautician. The young woman assures that she became runner-up because she waxed her model "very well", even though she didn't want to wax her lip. "That didn't matter to me. Neither me, nor the four judges. I was more scared that the model was one of those who shave/shave with a razor. Both armpits and legs (...), because when you apply the hot wax or the warm bands of the roll on and give the tug, blood spots appear. But I waxed it well. And the judges noticed," said Viles. The professional also talks about Noelia Esteban, the winner of the contest. "She surprised us by positioning the client on her side to ensure full comfort for those who may have mobility and turning problems," says the San Sebastian-born professional. Viles says that in the previous phases and in the final she learned a lot from the other finalists. "I witnessed how a good waxer lost points because she had mistaken her model for a stretcher (...). The point is that you can't leave the roll on, the wax strips, the tweezers on the table or, as sometimes happens, on top of the client. You have to have (and know) how to use your work table," explains the runner-up. About her work as an esthetician, Naroa says that she "really enjoys" waxing men. "They come when they have to come, when their hair has grown and they have it all at the same height, and with one tug you give them, it's enough". According to the woman from San Sebastian, "we girls see three hairs and we have a panic attack. We don't give a damn about the three phases of hair growth.