Hyaluronic Acid in cosmetics: use and benefits

El Ácido Hialurónico en cosmética: uso y beneficios

Doesn't this substance sound very familiar to you? Hyaluronic acid is an active ingredient that is being used in many fields, be it cosmetics, cosmetic medicine, traumatology, etc.

Let's learn more about the wonders of the human body, and how science learns so much from it.

Hyaluronic acid is part of our body, believe it or not, and that is one of the reasons why it is used so much in cosmetics and aesthetic medicine.

There is absolute compatibility!

Benefits of hyaluronic acid

In aesthetic medicine it is basically used for:

  • give volumes
  • deeply moisturize

It is applied by intradermal microinjections.

No allergy test is necessary, due to the great compatibility with our organism. For this reason, doctors apply it with absolute safety and confidence.

What does hyaluronic acid contain?

Hyaluronic acid or hyaluronan is a substance that is natural substance.

It is mainly found in the skin, in the vitreous humor of the eyes, in the umbilical cord and in the synovial fluid (inside the joints and assists us during movement). But it is also found in all tissues and body fluids.

It acts as a lubricant for joints, nerves, hair, skin and eyes.

Hyaluronic acid in cosmetics, what is it used for?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance of high moisturizing power.

skin hydration

A good hydration of the skin ensures us turgor, elasticity, good texture and above all helps prevent the appearance of superficial wrinkles..

Better hyaluronic acid or botox?

This is a question we ask ourselves very often...

But the answer is easy: they are two different substances, they have nothing to do their objectives and results have nothing to do with each other.

Hyaluronic Acid

The hyaluronic acidas we have already mentioned, is a substance whose main function is to moisturize and add volume. That is why it is used to augment lips, cheekbones or to improve some small scars where tissue is missing.


On the other hand, the botulinum toxin or Botox (trade name), is a toxin that acts on the neuromuscular plate. It prevents muscle contraction by relaxing the muscle and prevents the formation of the annoying wrinkles..

It is applied mainly in the upper third of the face, basically acting on the eyes. Although some doctors also apply it in other areas (chin, nose, jaw, etc.), the purpose is always to cause muscle relaxation and not to fill, as in the case of hyaluronic acid.

Creams containing hyaluronic acid

The creams we are interested in that contain this substance are mainly the following moisturizing creamsof eye and lip contours, masks. It is also interesting to find it in some sunscreenas well as a moisturizing agent.

In other words, hyaluronic acid is recommended in all cosmetics that "stay" on the skin.

For example, a cleansing emulsion with hyaluronic acid would not be of interest, since it is a cosmetic that is removed. What we are interested in is that that it stays on the skin so that it penetrates and hydrates the most superficial layer correctly.

In Maystar Cosmética there are many creams that contain hyaluronic acid in their chemical composition, to which are added other complementary effects derived from the active ingredients contained in each product.

The products of the Hydrovect O2 line products provide essential hydration and oxygen to fight against environmental pollution and purify the skin.

We recommend:

With Cellular Expression ILLUMINATING MOUSSE MASK with Vitamin C, you will get, in addition to a good hydration, to look a radiant and luminous face.

Hyaluronic acid combined with caviar extract repairs, nourishes and revitalizes your skin.

We recommend:

And last but not least, our Premium line for a immediate and long-lasting lifting effect, Synergy Lift.

From this line we recommend:

Any of these products are highly moisturizing and are free of mineral oils. That means very good adaptation to your skin thanks to its light texture.

How to apply creams with hyaluronic acid?

Creams with hyaluronic acid, as we have already mentioned, are generally moisturizers, so can be applied day and night.

And it is also important to bear in mind that they are suitable for all skin types: oily, alipic, young or mature. Being a non-occlusive substance (non-clogging), it is very well tolerated by all skin types.

If your skin is oily...

What you should be very attentive to if your skin is oily is that your moisturizer does not contain especially oils of mineral origin (mineral oil-free). These are very occlusive.

In case of oily skin look for something lighterbut also with hyaluronic acid, as it will always improve the condition of your skin and has no contraindications.

In order not to contaminate your cream

We advise you to take care not to contaminate the container of your cosmetic when applying it. Always take care to hold the cream with a spatula (always included in the Maystar Cosmética product) or look for creams in containers airless which also help to maintain their properties intact.

Perform a good massage

Lastly, if a skin is strong and resistant, we always recommend that the massage should be energeticIn order to stimulate the dermal fibers and the deeper supporting structures. You can do strokes or small pinchesThese maneuvers are very stimulating and reactivate the cutaneous microcirculation.

These tips of course apply to any cream, whether it contains hyaluronic acid or not!

So, you know... look for a good cream with hyaluronic acid to really moisturize your skin!

And you, do you use creams with hyaluronic acid? Tell us your experience!