How to Moisturize the Skin?

¿Cómo Hidratar la Piel?
Moisturizing the skin is an operation you have to perform to have a healthy and beautiful skin. For that reason it is not superfluous to explain to you how this fantastic cutaneous mechanism works. As we already know, water forms a large part of our organism, the 70% of our weight is waterwhich is approximately eight liters in an adult.

Skin hydration

The concept of skin hydration refers to the amount of water we have in our skin and, believe it or not, the horny layer (the most superficial layer of the skin) in a young person represents between 10 and 20% of the total content of our organism. With the natural aging process this percentage is greatly affected, so we are going to explain how to take care of yourself with simple routines at home: simple skin cleansing, peelings, some masks and the application of moisturizing cosmetics will help you to improve the overall appearance of your skin.

The layers of the skin

Our skin is made up of 3 layers well differentiated from the surface to the inside:
  • The Epidermisis the most extensive layer, with a thickness of approximately 1 mm. It is made up of epidermal cells, which are arranged in the most superficial layer like bricks and constitute a real barrier of protection and impermeability for almost all substances. It regenerates itself every month (natural exfoliation process) and its main function is to keep your skin hydrated, as well as to protect you from external factors, such as solar radiation.
  • The Dermisis the real support of your skin, with a thickness of about 4 mm, it is formed by a complex system of intertwined fibers (collagen, elastic and reticulin) that give it support, flexibility and elasticity, also blood vessels, sensory system, defense cells and glands (sebaceous and sweat glands).
  • The Hypodermisis the deepest layer, formed mainly by fat cells and its main mission is to protect against shocks.

Benefits of hydration

Moisturizing your skin is essential for several reasons:
  • If you properly moisturize your skin, you will prevent the formation of some of the following wrinkleswrinkles, especially those micro wrinklesAlthough you will not avoid the appearance of gestural wrinkles, for example, those that we mark when we laugh, it is true that they will be more concealed and more beautiful to wear.
  • You will also avoid skin fragility. Cosmetic dehydration can make your skin more fragile. vulnerable to external agents.
  • If you apply your daily moisturizer, you will avoid peeling, tightness, y itchingThese are very frequent signs when the water level of our skin is below normal.

moisturize skin - facial wrinkles

How do you notice the lack of water in your skin?

One of the first symptoms is the feeling of tightness after your shower, accompanied by the need to apply moisturizers. This symptom is quite common, and you will notice that as soon as you apply the cream your skin absorbs it as if it were a sponge. This is the typical symptom of "cosmetic dehydration". Another sign is to make a slight pressure maneuver on the skin by sliding it upwards, if they are formed. micro wrinkles If micro wrinkles or fine lines form on your skin, this is also a symptom of dehydration. But don't worry, this is quite normal and has an easy solution.
  • If you have the oily skinAlways choose light emulsions, such as gel-cream or serum textures. You can look for vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, squalene, and all natural antioxidants to prevent aging.
  • If, on the other hand, your skin is rather poor in fat and therefore drierFor dry skin, look for cosmetics with a creamy cream texture.


If you notice that once applied the cream is absorbed quickly and that it lacks even more hydration, apply it again. several times a day to gradually improve this sensation of lack of water in your skin and at the same time increase the protective barrier.

Moisturizers vs Moisturizers

You may have heard about moisturizers and moisturizers without knowing very well what the difference is, let's clear up the doubt about them, since are two different concepts. On the one hand, there are the moisturizerswhich provide hydration, i.e. they actively try to provide an active ingredient to your skin (active hydration). On the other hand moisturizers (passive hydration), which perform a certain occlusion, such as a clay or alginate mask, and help to prevent the loss of the skin's natural water. In other words, they are complementary to help us provide and maintain an adequate level of hydration.

What can you do to take care of your skin?

We would like to help you improve your skin care habits and if you are not already doing so, we would love to encourage you to start as soon as possible.

skin cleansing - moisturizing the skin

The steps in a cosmetic routine for your skin are simply new habits to introduce, and once you start to see your skin improve in radiance, firmness and softness, you won't stop! As you know, the cleansing your skin is a fundamental step. Any moisturizing cosmetic that you apply afterwards will be much more effective, and don't forget that, either by makeup, sweat, pollution, etc., your skin becomes clogged little by little, becoming less luminous and with some unwanted unsightly elements, that if you don't remove them, it will be more difficult to treat them. Undoubtedly, hydration is essential to achieve skin rejuvenation. The reason is basically because the water contained in the skin is what provides resistance, turgor and protection, in addition to having a great weight in the prevention of wrinkles, which is why this concept is so important in skin care. Think that the most superficial layer of the skin is the one on which cosmetics it is not so difficult to keep your skin beautiful and glowing.


Our natural cosmetic

Our skin has a mantle that covers us, known as epicutaneous mantleIt works as a real natural cosmetic made up of different components: the excretion of the sebaceous and sweat glands and cellular remains that originate during the epidermal cell death mechanism. These substances are mixed and form this emulsion that protects us against climatic agents, mechanical aggressions, different substances and microorganisms. It is in this layer of the skin that we find the natural degree of hydration of our skinso we could say that acts as a natural cosmeticA real mantle that covers and protects us, where we apply cosmetics, whether hygiene, peelings, moisturizers, masks, sunscreens, tonics, etc., which will serve as a complement to take care of our skin. The problem comes when some factor affects some of the components that are part of the natural hydration, whether external or internal, such as the most obvious and simple, the natural aging of the skin.

How to apply a moisturizing cosmetic

There are many ways to apply a moisturizer in your daily skin care routine:
  • Keep in mind that your hands need to be clean.
  • First apply the cleansing cosmetic, then the moisturizer. tonicand immediately after the moisturizing cosmetic, and always, if it is at the beginning of your day, remember to apply sunscreen.
  • At night: cleanse the skin, apply a toner, your usual moisturizer (serum or cream) and go to bed!
  • The ideal way to apply moisturizing cosmetics is to by gently working from the bottom upwards and from the inside outwards.. And if what you want is to stimulate your skin to improve a little bit some flaccidity, apply the moisturizer by applying it in a circular motion. small pinchesThis is a good way to activate microcirculation and cutaneous collagen.

Special care in summer

Summer is a season in which your skin suffers the climatic impact of the fantastic and adored "Sun" that we love so much. First of all, always apply sun protectionand you can help to reinforce the hydration of your skin by USING FACIAL MASKSIn summer our skin is much more exposed to external agents. Our intention with these tips is to prevent the formation of unexpected wrinkles due to dehydration and to teach you how to have a perfect skin. To learn more about how to treat wrinkles we recommend you our article How to remove wrinkles: tips to fight against aging


It is from the constant use of daily cosmetics from where we are going to prevent dehydrationThis will help you look more beautiful and your skin will look, above all, healthy and turgid, and it is also the best way to prevent wrinkles! And we have only talked about hydration through cosmetics, but do not forget that the nutrition is basic for the health of your skin, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drink at least two liters of water a day, exercise, avoid alcohol and tobacco well! That's our plan. And you, what do you do to keep your skin hydrated?