Skin Care before the Wedding

Cuidados de la Piel antes de la Boda
Congratulations! Taking THE BIG STEP is a very important decision in your life and without a doubt you have to do everything possible to make that day very special for you and your man or woman! Luckily we choose the day with lots and lots of time in advance, which will allow us to prepare in every way to be a special bride/groom. Where, when, dress, weight, skin...

The 5 basics for healthy skin and life

If you usually follow a balanced diet and exercise routine, it is clear that preparation will cost you much less. In all our articles, no matter what we talk about, we always discuss the five basics for a healthy life and skin that will certainly help you to look great on your wedding day:
  • Healthy diet
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Regular exercise
  • Sun always with protection.
  • No smoking or drinking
With this you have already won the gates of heaven, so now let's go in depth into the subject at hand, the skin care.

A few months before the wedding...


A few months before the wedding, you should perform the following routine exfoliate your skin once a week. You can do it with a chemical peel, usually AHA's or fruit acids that help renew the skin, refine it and leave it luminous; or with a chemical exfoliant that will help remove dead skin cells. Or you can also combine them for an optimal result. Remember! Always, always, always, always, FACE-NECK-DECLETE without exception, think that on the big day you will want to show off a beautiful décolleté :) >> More in What is a Peeling and how is it performed?

Daily cleansing

Among the usual daily care rituals is to remove your make-up religiously every night before going to sleep. We have already talked about these rituals in other articles such as 10 tips for daily cleansing of your skinwhere you will find all the information you need to follow a thorough cleansing and moisturizing protocol. A facial mask two or three times a week is also essential. You can alternate between depigmenting (to even out your skin tone and reduce possible blemishes), moisturizing, illuminating or lifting effect, to discover your wonderful skin. Our article Facial Mask, when and how to use it? is a guide that you may find useful.

A month before the wedding...

And finally, a month before the big day, you will have to go to your Beauty Center for a professional to advise you on the most appropriate treatments for your skin type. And this is a must! There is no one like a professional esthetician to enhance the beauty of your skin.

Illuminating treatments

A three-session moisturizing treatment with vitamin C will be enough and will be the best treatment for your skin. 3 days before the big day we recommend an illuminating lifting session. Keep in mind that this is only a recommendation. It is essential that your esthetician advises you on the best treatment and on the care you should take at home. And a little trick: 2 months before, use an eyelash serum, you will see how they grow and open your eyes. There are many good ones on the market and you only have to apply it at night. But if you are lazy, a few days before ask your beautician to put eyelash extensions hair by hair, you'll see what a great result!

For your body care

You will also have to take care of your body skin, where the routine is practically the same, exfoliation exfoliation once a week, lots of moisturizing and the cabin treatment that your esthetician advises you. If you don't have to lose any weight, we recommend you to firming treatments. If you need to lose some weight, draining, anti-cellulite and firming treatments.together with an adequate diet. We suggest you take a look at the products Sensory Naturea body line that provides all these treatments.


Don't forget the manipedi! Your hands must look perfect that day to hold the wedding ring and you will surely choose a beautiful sandals that will expose your beautiful feet. For hands and feet we recommend a session of kerosene waxing that moisturize the deepest layers of the skin and of course a fantastic manipedi the day before the wedding. manicure - skin care before the wedding

When to wax before the wedding

A couple of days or three before the wedding you should wax: upper lip, legs, bikini line, arms, armpits, etc., depending on your needs and tastes. We recommend warm roll-on wax, it is fast, clean and hygienic, but always in the hands of a professional.

What to do with the hair?

Whatever style and hairstyle you choose for the day, it is also essential that you moisturize your hair a week before and apply your color to give it shine and body. As we have been telling you before, the best thing to do is to put yourself in the hands of professionals who will apply the most appropriate treatment for your hair type. wedding hairstyle - skin care before the wedding And last but not least, relaxsleep 8 hours and lots of love! Best of luck in your new adventure and enjoy your big day!!!!! Tell us what you have planned to do yourself or what you did for your wedding ;)