How to maintain the effect of Botox?

¿Cómo mantener el efecto del Botox?
Let's talk about the well-known and appreciated Botox. Botox injection is one of the most demanded beauty treatments nowadays. More and more women and men are losing their fear of the needle. botulinum toxin is the fastest treatment to make a wrinkle disappear, only 72 hours. However, it has also been shown that the use of botulinum toxin is the fastest way to make a wrinkle disappear, only 72 hours. latest-generation anti-aging cosmetics are essential to enhance and extend its effects.

What is Botox?

Actually "BOTOX" is a registered trademark of the first medicine of this type to be marketed. Its scientific name is Botulinum Toxin Type A and, believe it or not, Botulinum Toxin is a neurotoxin produced by a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum, one of the most powerful poisons in existence. This bacterium is the cause of Botulism which, as a symptom, presents a progressive muscular paralysis that can become a cause of death, as it interferes with respiratory function. And you know what, it is also considered a chemical or biological weapon because it is a weapon of mass destruction, prohibited by the Geneva Conventions and the Chemical Weapons Convention. But let's not be alarmed, because Botulinum Toxin has many more properties that benefit health and aesthetics and that is the purpose of its use. The application of this substance was approved in the United States for therapeutic use in the treatment of patients with eye problems such as constant blinking and strabismus, as well as facial hemispasm. It was here that they realized that the fact of treating the muscle diminished the wrinkles and eventually made them disappear. This incredible property of Botulinum Toxin type A to produce muscle paralysis is being used in neurological diseases and as a medical-aesthetic product for the treatment of facial wrinkles. The botoxtherefore, is a substance that is injected into the muscle responsible for its contraction causing the wrinkle.. Once injected, that muscle no longer contracts.

Origin of Botox

The idea of using this toxin therapeutically was developed by a German physician between 1786 and 1862. In the 70's, in Europe and North America, the idea of treating strabismus and other ocular pathologies using this toxin to correct ocular position was successfully developed.. And around 1983 in Canada it was applied in patients with muscular dystonia to improve involuntary muscle contractions by relaxing the muscle. And it is only recently, in 1987, when the first cases applied in medical cosmetics were described. So, like so many other aesthetic treatments, botulinum toxin begins to take its first steps in conventional medicine to treat strictly pathologies and, after the observation of interesting side effects, such as muscle paralysis and consequently the disappearance of gestural wrinkles, Aesthetic medicine has developed its use and it is currently one of the most demanded medical-aesthetic treatments by the female population and, increasingly, by the male population..

How does this substance work?

The mechanism of action of the botulinum toxin is very interesting, since what it produces, as we have already mentioned, is a muscular paralysisacting on the bone neuromuscular plate between the muscle and the nerve. In this way the nervous system does not send the order to the muscle and the muscle does not contract. As there is no contraction, there is no gesture, and if there is no gesture, there are no wrinkles and we prevent them. This effect lasts approximately 4 monthsIt does not have any negative impact at a systemic level, but it is true that it produces a certain addiction, since the disappearance of wrinkles in the upper third is very fast, observing the final result in a week, and this can lead us to want to look permanently like this, which is impossible, since the effects gradually lose their effect.

How long does the effect of the Botox injection last?

This effect lasts approximately 4 monthsHowever, it is true that it produces a certain addiction, since the disappearance of wrinkles in the upper third is very fast, observing the final result in a week and this can lead us to want to look permanently like this, which is impossible, since the effects gradually lose their effect. It is true that the duration may depend on the strength of the muscles and the patient's anatomy, as well as the quality of the product. Many other patients claim that with proper skin care, i.e. including in the daily routine cosmetics with a powerful anti-aging effect and active ingredients with a lifting effect, we can achieve the following results the effects of botox are prolonged than if we did not use this type of cosmetics. The effects of the toxin are really very strong and effective, although later when they begin to disappear, the muscle, which is very strong, contracts again and the annoying wrinkles appear again. But it is important to keep in mind that with this type of treatment you "slow down" in some way the passage of time, and this is a very important factor. helps prevent and slow down the formation of wrinkles.. Lifting without surgery

How to maintain the results of Botox?

At Maystar Cosmética we have developed a very interesting line of products with active ingredients to tighten the skin. The simultaneous use of these cosmetics will help your Botox treatment to extend its effects. We are talking about SYNERGY LIFT a line that provides a powerful lifting effect with in vivo and in vitro proven results that guarantee a reduction of wrinkles in only 28 days. Synergy Lift consists of a cream moisturizer (with various textures and sun protection), serum, eye contour, mask and concentrate for professional use. From the first application, and with long-lasting effects, the new-generation active ingredients smooth and reduce wrinkles and expression lines, leaving the skin firmer, younger and more luminous.

Lifting without surgerySynergy Lift lifting effect serum

Of course you can also use Synergy Lift if you are one of those who are reluctant to have Botox injections. We guarantee that the effects on your skin will be the same, if you are consistent in its application, but in a much more natural way. Use a few drops of serum, morning and night, and you will see how the results will last longer and your skin will look radiant.

Active ingredients of Synergy Lift

The entire line contains very interesting and innovative active ingredients:
  • Tripeptide from viper venomis a substance of synthetic origin that mimics the effect of a protein present in snake venom that exerts, as we already know, a neuromuscular blockade, which numbs the muscle and thus smoothes your wrinkles, like botulinum toxin !!!!!. Ideal to maintain the effect of "BOTOX".
  • Maystar Bioslimis a synergy of active ingredients that favor the elimination of liquids and fats.
  • Soft Focus: ingredients capable of diffusing or dispersing the light reflected by our skin. The result is a very interesting optical effect to conceal micro facial wrinkles and especially to promote the powerful lifting effect of this line.
  • Shea ButterEye Contour Supreme Texture: present in Eye Contour Supreme Texture, an eye contour with a soft, melting texture. This vegetable-based oil is remarkable for its intense and long-lasting moisturizing power on the skin. It also improves elasticity as a result of intense hydration.
  • Chondrus CrispusIts moisturizing properties reinforce the skin's hydrolipidic film. It also prevents cutaneous water loss and gives your skin a silky appearance.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: a must in cosmetics. On the one hand, it has absolute affinity with our skin, which already contains hyaluronic acid, and it also has the power to be hygroscopic, which means that it captures water and retains it, giving your skin a deep hydration, with visible results.

Why use Synergy Lift?

It is a highly recommended line from the age of 35Thanks to its wide range of products, there are cream and gel cream options for all skin types, from oily to drier. It is also worth mentioning its mask with tightening and moisturizing properties, and of course, the excellent eye contour with a highly moisturizing and melting texture that provides elasticity and flexibility. And finally, we highly recommend Synergy Lift Serum, the star product of this line, we will not tell you anything else, if you try it you will never be able to do without it again. You can find all the Synergy Lift products in the online store.