SOUPING: the new detox fashion

SOUPING: la nueva moda detox
It's been a long time coming and yes, not only from juicing detox diets live. There are many experts who speak of the disadvantages of purifying juices taken for 1, 2 or 3 days to detoxify the body. Unnecessary insulin peaks, anxiety, tiredness, continuous sensation of hunger...

Is it necessary?

Well, the answer has not been long in coming in the form of a new vitamin cocktail but this time more nutritious and warm: the souping. These are vegetable soups, richer in essential nutrients, more satiating and just as healthy. "Soup is food, juice is not designed to be. You're filling your body with sugar." This is the message from the founders of Soupure, one of the most recognized bottled soup companies. Anti-aging specialist Gema Cabañero also tells us about the advantages of souping: "You can include numerous variants and obtain nutrients that are not achieved only with juices. Precisely, they are a nutritional contribution The nutrients remain in the water used to cook the food, so we can take advantage of them, except for the thermolabile vitamins that are destroyed by the heat". In what all the experts agree is that the soup must suppose an essential part of our diet but it should not replace any meal We should not make the same mistakes as we did with juices. The ideal would be to combine it with a main dish or to take the soup with legumes, pasta or rice (better integral). If we take it on a regular basis, about two or three times a week, it is better to accompany it with a dish containing protein to avoid feeling weak. This winter, you know... join the souping! but in a responsible way. Our favorite: Green soup Ingredients: 500 g bagged spinach, half a broccoli, two zucchini, one spring onion, two leeks and virgin olive oil. Preparation: In a steamer add a tablespoon of olive oil and lightly sauté the leek and onion, add water and place in the basket all the chopped vegetables. Let it cook for 10 minutes and when it is ready, blend it for a long time to make it very fine. Add salt and pepper to taste.