Kojic Acid, how does it work?

Ácido Kójico, ¿cómo funciona?
Kojic acid, discovered in 1989 in Japan, is one of the most successful skin whitening agents. It comes from Sake, the fermentation of rice, where scientists discovered it because of the whiteness of the hands of those who worked with it.

How does it work?

It eliminates brown spots, evens skin tone and brightens the skin by acting on melanocytes and inhibiting melanin synthesis by blocking L-tisosine (amino acid precursor of melanin). It also acts as a reducing agent on melanin intermediates, thus blocking the reaction in the oxidation chain. It reduces the formation of hyperpigmentation, leaving the skin clearer and blemish-free. Intensely renews the tone of your face with Whitening Care. The excellent action of depigmenting ingredients such as kojic acid and satsuma mandarin extract eliminate blemishes, revitalize your skin and provide it with the essential vitamins it needs to look younger and fresher.