How to care for skin blemishes in summer

Cómo cuidar en verano las manchas en la piel
Many people fear that the arrival of summer will accentuate the spots on their face or body. This disease of the dermis produces alterations in the color of the skin and therefore much more attention should be paid and care with appropriate products, especially in this hot time of the year.

Sun Protection

The first measure to take into account is daily use of a photoprotector. It should be applied at least every three hours and it is recommended to use at least a protection index of 30. A must use product is Sun Supreme Carewhich repairs damaged skin and prevents premature aging by providing a long-lasting protective barrier.


skin blemishes - mask The products of Vitamin C products also help keep blemishes at bay. Our mousse mask Cellular Expression has a high illuminating power and a pleasant texture that smoothes and evens skin tone. For optimal results, it is recommended to use it for five nights in a row. You can also apply the Rose Hip Oil at night to regenerate the skin, in addition to its depigmenting effect. This care will help to lighten blemishesas it is very difficult to remove them. Once the summer is over, it is very important to start a depigmenting treatment that acts on the melanocyte to stop the activation of melanin.

Depigmenting Treatment

Our line Whitening Care intensely renews the tone of the face. Thanks to the excellent action of active ingredients such as the kojic acid and satsuma mandarin extract, the cream, serum and depigmenting mask help to whiten blemishes and provide the skin with the essential vitamins it needs to look younger and fresher.