Interview with Eva Grífols, 3rd finalist in the 1st Starpil National Hair Removal Competition

Entrevista a Eva Grífols, 3ª finalista del I Concurso Nacional de Depilación Starpil
"I prefer to wax with hot wax, it doesn't hurt as much as roll-on and the skin is much cleaner." Eva Grífols was the third finalist in the 1st Starpil National Hair Removal Contest. The young woman, who has been running her own beauty salon in Calafell since 2003. Thanks to her impeccable technique in handling the hot wax strips and her excellent customer service, among others, she won third place in the final of the Starpil Contest.

What did you think of the contest organized by Starpil?

I thought it was a fantastic idea because I think that hair removal, despite being what I like the most, is one of the least valued things in the world of esthetics.

Why did you sign up?

I knew I could go far. I have been involved in the world of hair removal since I was a child and for me there is no secret to waxing.

How did you see the finalists?

All my teammates were very prepared and really did very well, and most importantly, each one of them gave it their personal mark.

Why do you think the jury chose Noelia as the best waxer?

Noelia had an excellent treatment with her client, she worked very confidently and in a very clean way.

How would you rate your participation in the contest?

I am very proud to have gotten as far as I did and it was a great experience, because the organizers treated us very well at all times.

Would you encourage other colleagues to participate?

Of course I would, without hesitation. It is a great experience.

Explain to us how you prepare clients for waxing.

First I examine the client's skin and hair, ask when was the last epilation, method of epilation last time, sensitivity, etc. Then I apply Starpil pre-waxing gel and proceed with the waxing. I always finish with a soothing cream with aromatherapy to reduce the redness of the area and moisturize the area well.

Which area do you think is the most difficult to epilate?

The most delicate areas such as the groin, armpits and upper lip are always complicated, especially because of the high sensitivity to pain. The inner thighs and arms are also very sensitive and the skin will immediately lift if not waxed carefully.

What are the differences between boys and girls when it comes to waxing?

The boy's hair is always stronger, you have to give a very safe and effective pull to not make them suffer more than necessary.

What type of wax do you prefer?

Without hesitation, hot wax, although I adapt to what my clients ask for.

Why do you prefer waxing?

It doesn't hurt as much as the roll-on system, it doesn't break the hair as much, the skin is cleaner, not sticky at all. A hot wax, well cared for and worked, for me, gives a thousand turns to any other hair removal system.

What is your favorite Starpil product?

The 4 bees pink wax.

How do you promote the different treatments that the Starpil range has?

They promote themselves with daily work, you don't have to do anything, just work well.

What services do you offer in your center?

All services related to aesthetics: waxing, manicures, pedicures, facials, body treatments, eyelash treatments, various appliances, chiromassage, lymphatic drainage, foot reflexology, geo-thermal therapy, etc.

Do you think laser hair removal has affected traditional waxing?

Of course, more and more people are using laser hair removal services to the detriment of traditional hair removal, which is a pity.