Surgeryfree facelifts – a before and after

El antes y después del lifting sin cirugía

The non-invasive facelift revolution is here! After months of hard work and research, we’ve managed to strike the perfect marriage between Synergy Lift Serum© – our Marie Claire award-winning best-seller – and the latest in facial training according to the S.M.A.S Training© protocol designed by Spain’s facial yoga pioneer, Ara Rosón, for Maystar Skincare.


As time goes by, our muscles contract, making them less flexible and causing them to sag. On the body, a balanced diet and exercise can be enough to tone them, but facial muscles are harder to keep in shape.

Surgery-free facelifts are a non-invasive treatment where no devices are needed to help our complexion defy the passage of time. One of the great things about this type of treatment is that the results are instant since there's no post-op recovery.

Harnessing all that potential under the motto of Vital Beauty, we’re proud to present our Maystar Synergy Lifting Ball© designed to bring out your natural beauty. It’s an innovative treatment that delivers a natural Botox effect right from the very first use.


What is Synergy Lifting Ball©?

This pack contain the latest cosmetic revolution, marking a before and after in surgery-free facelift treatments.

Our top award-winning anti-ageing solution, Synergy Lift, is coupled with the most advanced facial training method – inspired by oriental techniques and craniosacral therapies – designed by Ara Rosón, Spain's facial yoga pioneer. The result: the ultimate beautycare synergy.

The pack contains:

-        Biorelax Lifting Serum©

-        Two Synergy Balls

-        A unique tutorial explaining the S.M.A.S. Training© technique

-        Club Vital Beauty membership


Biorelax Lifting Serum©

 Biorelax Lifting Serum© is Maystar Skincare’s cult product based on two patents that tackle ageing's two greatest problems: Aminocontraxyl, a wrinkle inhibitor with a Botox-like effect, and Bio Slim, which breaks down facial liquids and lipids.

The serum contains these active principles:

-        Allantoin.

A natural healing agent that clears away dead cells and speeds up facial tissue growth.

-        Hyaluronic acid.

Replenishes skin tissue fibres and possesses powerful water-retention properties for maximum hydration.

-        Aminocontraxyl.

Smooths out expression lines by neutralizing the neurotransmitters that cause muscular contraction.

-        Bio Slim.

A synergetic blend of peptides to help remove built-up liquids and fats, reducing the under-chin area and reshaping facial contours.

-        Viper tripeptide.

A synthetic tripeptide that acts as a neuromuscular blocker, mimicking snake venom to produce a numbing and smoothing effect.


Synergy Balls©

To complete the treatment, our beautycare pack comes with two Synergy Balls made of organic semi-rubber with a pleasantly smooth texture. The balls are designed to engage with deep facial tissue to ease muscle contraction and improve movement.


S.M.A.S Training© tutorial

The pack contains a unique S.M.A.S Training tutorial comprising 6 explanatory visual sessions showing how to use each of its elements most effectively.

The S.M.A.S application protocols are designed for Maystar by Ara Rosón, Spain's facial yoga pioneer, to achieve a natural facelift effect to combat sagging and expression lines – the two most visible problems on an ageing face. It takes just three minutes a day and you’ll feel the difference right from the very first use.

S.M.A.S is a method that takes facial training to the next level. The technique strikes the perfect harmony between Maystar’s serum and our Synergy Balls to keep the face and neck firm, helping to lift facial features like cheek bones and eyebrows, reduce double chin, restore facial contours and achieve a brighter expression.


Club Vital Beauty membership

To round off the set, our Synergy Lifting Ball pack includes an invitation to join Club Vital Beauty.

Maystar Group has defined the Vital Beauty philosophy guided by the motto “Youth is ephemeral, beauty is eternal”. Our tenet sees beautycare as a synonym of wellness, in the sense of self care and love, as opposed to servitude.  Naturally, our Synergy Lifting Ball experience is a luxury home beautycare treatment within this philosophy and was conceived for women who are demanding of their beautycare and take pleasure in caring for their wellbeing.

Becoming a club member affords access to online guidance from our beauty advisers, tips, product deliveries, customized protocols, samples and testers.


Prepare to see the Synergy Lifting Ball© effect right from the first use:

- Higher eyebrow arch

- Brighter expression

- Raised cheekbones

- Smoother laugh lines

- Defined facial contours

- Natural Botox effect on forehead and brow

- Brighter, more radiant complexion

- Reduced facial swelling

- Boosted collagen production

- Profound wellness