Thigh care

Cuidado de los muslos
Thighs are one of the favorite places for fat. Mini skirt, cigarettes, shorts, bikini, sexy beach skirt. You can't miss putting on those dirty clothes. Just work hard and you will succeed. Anyway, if you follow the five commandments, they are an area of great gratitude:
  • Eat 0 saturated fat and choose a healthy diet.
  • Limit your drinking to a minimum.
  • Drink plenty of water, not two liters a day.
  • Exercise every day. Maystar fit It helps you. Remember, a 30 minute walk a day will greatly stimulate your thigh area. Bicycles are also very suitable.
  • Specific weight loss treatment in the cab and at home.
  • Use all di after shower Essence Body Nourishing CreamThe thigh is one of the areas where cellulite forms.