Flat belly

Barriga plana
The belly is one of the most vulnerable areas to the appearance of flaccidity, accumulation of grease, gases or fluid retention. A flat abdomen is an act of heroism but if you do not arrive at all, at least the 5 commandments: • Drink your recommended dose of water (no more than two liters per day) and never after 22 hours. • Do not take sugary or dairy drinks.
• Choose a healthy diet.

• Salads only at noon. At night it takes vegetables or creams, or accompanied by protein.

• A couple of days a week do not cenes. • Massage day and night your belly in the clock needles with Essential Body reducing anti-cellulite cream. • Walk 30 minutes a day with energy. Better if you run and beams abdominals too, but at least move your fat daily. The first day you will not notice anything. The second either, the third you will have more energy, the fourth serotonin activated and from the fifth you can not live without exercise and suddenly an enviable tip.