Synergy Lift Absolute. How to obtain a lifting effect without surgery.

Synergy Lift Absolute. Como obtener un efecto lifting sin cirugía.

That the sun does not wrinkle your skin, it is one of the phrases that are most heard in the summer months.

And it is true that the ultraviolet type A and B, do not help in the process of avoiding them.

Being exposed to more free radicals, we are accelerating the cellular oxidation process, which translates into more flaccidity, more marked wrinkles, less hydration….

So you don't have to lower your guard in these months, and help us with intensive treatments both in our professional's cabin and in house rituals.

Sun protection is one of our most powerful weapons when helping us protect our skin, not only from possible anomalies, but also premature aging.

In our day to day we must include a sun protection cream before going out, not only if we are going to the beach, swimming pools, mountain ...

After our treatment ritual, we must apply the protective cream, in Maystar you can choose the one that best suits your needs within the Sun Supreme Line.

But what intensive treatments should we add to our ritual to get a lifting without surgery?

We must choose formulas that help us increase the water level, which make us a support, thus avoiding the sagging caused by prolonged exposure to the sun; We should increase the defensive capacity of the skin through asset concentrates that help us perform all physiological functions correctly.

In Maystar we have a limited editing chest Synergy Lift Absolute That you should not miss, since it provides all the extras that your skin needs, when exposed to so many exposoms and presents sagging.

In it, we find two master formulas, on the one hand, Synergy Lift Absolute, an exquisite serum based on hyaluronic acid, and super moisturizing complex achieving an immediate and lasting lifting effect and another that helps us drain and activate the microcirculation helping us to have a perfect oval, to this we add the growth factors of plant origin and we have the perfect cocktail to meet all the needs of our skin.

And a second specific product for those areas where the wrinkle has already been manifested, a geloid texture roll-on the different assets contained in its formulation manages to hydrate and fill the wrinkle.

Another way to intensify our rituals is including before our daily cream or serum, a concentrate of assets to enhance treatment. You already know Our Starboost line, where you can find specific concentrates according to the need you present, if the tests you will want to repeat, since in your skin you will see the change quickly.

A advice to enjoy your daily ritual, is that in those minutes you have your candle with your favorite aroma, put the song that at that time you want to listen and enjoy the well -being that creates you care for oneself.

Angela Tejedera