How to eliminate leg cellulite?

¿Cómo eliminar la celulitis de las piernas?

The summer season is one of the seasons in which cellulite worries us the most, since it is when the solar baths arrive and we are more exposed. It does not remove, that we should not lower our guard and not neglect our treatments throughout the year.

It is important to normalize it, I know few people who do not have, but we should take care of ourselves so as not to get worse and that can affect our health.

As you know cellulite is an alteration of subcutaneous tissue that is manifested by different factors, including genetic factors, hormonal factors, circulatory problems, sedentary lifestyle, unbalanced diets rich in saturated fats, stress, different drugs ...

It is not associated with obesity, but we can see worsening for this cause.

Seeing it in men is less frequent since male skin has greater thickness, however, in women we can locate it more frequently in thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen and arms.

We have to keep in mind that there are different degrees of cellulite, and that we must take care of ourselves so as not to rise in degree and become a problem for our health.

From Maystar we propose different solutions to keep cellulite at bay.

It is important to be constant in our treatments to truly see effectiveness in them.

Cabin treatment with algae concentrates Sensory Nature It is one of the strengths where we support us, where the professional will analyze the skin and establish a personalized protocol to attack the type of cellulite present.

Care at home is vital, in order to maintain and activate the lipolysis of those rebel adipocytes.

The daily application, morning and night of the line reducing cream Sensory Nature, it will help you reduce fat accumulation and reduce fluid retention, getting the volume of the area, thanks to its rich lipolytic formulation.

Very important to apply it with an activating massage, which helps us to stimulate the absorption of assets.

Say goodbye to sedentary lifestyle, and if you do not find the time to go to the gym, propose daily walking, avoiding the elevator, little by little you will increase your physical activity, and you will find yourself much better.

If we add to all this to take us well with our diet, it will be an exist.

Wearing a balanced, healthy diet of fresh seasonal products will improve the appearance of your skin, returning its natural shine, think that the earth gives you the product you need in each season.

Forget about negative stress and thoughts, focus on love you, pamper you and enhance the best of you.

Good summer

Angela Tejedera