How to get your skin not to reveal your age

Como conseguir que tu piel no desvele tu edad

We know that the skin reveals everything that happens in our body, it is reflected from the food we are having to both positive and negative emotions that we live daily.

Everything is manifested, in texture, luminosity, fluid retention in different areas of our face.

But there is something that we can avoid revealing, and it is our age, not because we should hide it, since there is nothing more beautiful than turning years and filling ourselves with experience, but reflecting that we are taking care of it so well and feeling so well in our body in our body All stages of our life, which age stops importing.

There are many assets that help us stop cell oxidation, maintain healthy hydration, protect ourselves from free radicals….

But there are star formulations, which we should not stop knowing.

One of them is Absolute Biorelax Lifting Serum, an elixir full of active ingredients that help avoid premature aging.

We will reveal that assets have joined to create this master formula, which gives us solutions to different needs that are manifested from approximately 35 years.

In the formulation we highlight the liposome stem cells of plant origin, which act in the most internal layers of the epidermis achieving a good functioning of all physiological functions.

We add aminocontraxil, an asset acting from cosmetic lifting, leaving smooth skin attenuating surface wrinkles.

Another of the assets to highlight is Chondrus Crispus, a red algae that has made a great hole in cosmetics thanks to the benefits it brings us to the skin. On the one hand, the water level increases, achieving an optimal degree of hydration and on the other hand creates a non -occlusive layer that helps us sustain and reaffirm the skin.

Another of the protagonists in the formula, among others, are peptide complexes, which help us avoid premature aging leaving a firm and juicy texture in the skin.

Large formulas that become essential products in our daily ritual.

After cleaning and before our specific cream, we will apply a few drops of this serum, achieving absorption in deep layers, we can enhance absorption thanks to massage, always with ascending maneuvers.

A jewel that you don't want to stop using once you try it.

Angela Tejedera