We celebrate the Marie Claire 2022 Award with you !!

¡¡Celebramos el premio Marie Claire 2022 contigo!!

Happy to share with you that we have won, for the second consecutive year, the prize with the highest reputation in beauty: The Prix D'Excellence of the Beauty 2022 of Marie Claire magazine.

The international jury, formed by twenty-two journalists from all over the world, has granted the Special Prize Spain to our new launch Synergy Lifting Ball.by ara rosón ©

"The before and after lifting without aparatology. With the aim of following home training, Maystar Skincare presents the chest that contains the Sérum, two Synergy Balls, a QR code with access to the tutorial and membership of the Vitalbeauty Club". Marie Claire.

DiscoverSynergy Lifting Ball. by ara rosón ©, innovative rejuvenating treatment that combines:

  • Sérum Synergy Lift cosmetics with two current patents that directly address these two problems:

The AMINOCONTRAXIL®, a wrinkle inhibitor, with Botox effect and the Bioslim®, which destroys liquids and facial lipids. Dejincha, decongestion, drain, smooth and reduce.

  • And the protocol registered under the name Technique S.M.A.S. That refers to the musculoponeurotic system and is a step beyond yoga, facial gymnastics and conventional massages. Its objective repositioning skin and musculature and reversing facial aging with Lifting Balls and tutorials.

Ara Rosón

A protocol designed by Ara Rosón, known as a pioneer in Spain of facial yoga and by the technique of it. S.A.S, inspired by oriental techniques and sacrochannel therapy, among others.

Results visible from the first application:

  • - Elevation of the eyebrow arc
  • - look clear.
  • - Desk of cheekbones
  • - Improvement of the Nasogenian furrow
  • - Definition of facial oval
  • - Natural Botox Effect in Entrejo and Front
  • - Brightest and radiant face
  • - Decrease in facial edema
  • - Stimulation of collagen production
  • - Deep wellness

A special Deluxe pack, which includes Synergy Lift Biorelax Lifting Sérum and two balls, which are not massage balls, but a traction technique that will receive the client, in addition to the products, in tutorial format in a QR where We discover the definitive secrets.

Now you can prevent and reverse facial aging, as well as correct bad postures and gestures.

Do not stay without your chest and take the Anti-Ageing Revolution.