The best anti -wrinkle cream for men

La mejor Crema Antiarrugas para hombres

In Maystar Skincare we believe that the care of men's skin is as important as that of women.

Without a doubt, more and more men who take care of their skin with cosmetic products. To keep the skin healthy, radiant and hydrated, it is essential to use a good cosmetics and in Maystar Skincare we have perfectly indicated products for daily care of both female and masculine skin.

What factors affect the aging and deterioration of the skin?

  • Chronological aging.

Our skin ages over time as well as the rest of the organs and wrinkles appear.


Exposure to environmental factors makes the skin old and continuous exposure to them complicates the repair.

Cosmetics is the first step to avoid premature aging and give quality to the skin.

Types of cosmetics for a man

In Maystar Skincare we have a very well indicated line for male skin, Synergy Lift. Which we recommend.

A line, which in addition to containing active ingredients that fulfill the fusion of tensioned skin, contains assets that repair, hydrate in depth, prevent cell aging and drain, so it is a perfect active principles kit perfect for male skin .

Why Synergy Lift?

Functions of Synergylift:

  • Immediate effect

You will notice its effects from the first application

  • Long -term cumulative effect

Through constancy you can see how your skin lights up and wrinkles are mitigated.

  • Lasting effect

An effect that extends over time, provided you enter our cosmetics into a daily care routine.

Synergy Lift active ingredients

  • Snake tripper: Synthetic origin.

This component is the most significant of the line. It resembles its effect to the snake poison, since somehow "paralyzes and relaxes" muscle contraction. A function that interests us at the time the facial muscles responsible for mimicry and gestures are put into action.

  • Bioslim.

Drenant component, which activates the surface microcirculation of the skin. In turn, the dermal tissues that support the skin and also increases the ability to retain water in the most superficial layers of the skin.

  • Hyaluronic acid.

Undoubtedly, the top of the active moisturizers with an immediate and lasting effect.

  • Aminocontraxil complex.

Another component that collaborates in muscle relaxation. The constancy of its use is what makes wrinkles notorious to be attenuated.

  • Caffeine.

A great drain, microcirculation activator and therefore a skin embellisher.

  • Antantoine.

With great repair power of the most superficial layers of the skin.

  • Soft Focus.

Active substance that produces an optical effect with the light on the skin that enhances it by giving it a more homogeneous and health touch.

  • Argan.

An antioxidant of natural origin that clearly prevents cell aging.

Ideal products for men

Synergy Lift is a very complete line that adapts to different needs depending on each skin.

In our formulations there are no oils of mineral origin. This means that our cosmetics is not occlusive, it does not "dirty" the Pilosebáceos (pores) holes.

It is an anti -aging line that does not grease the skin. Something that we know is very annoying when applying creams on the face, leaving a heavy feeling.

Cosmetics of daily use.

  • Biorelax Lifting Cream Spf 15: With the assets of the line that attenuate the wrinkles, hydrate, drain and activate the circulation. It is a perfect very light emulsion to be applied every morning after proper skin cleaning.
  • Biorelax Lifting Sérum: Our Top Product, winner of the prize Prix ​​d'CELLENCE OF THE BEAUTÉ MARIE CLAIRE 2021.

A serum with a very pleasant and light texture that can be applied tomorrow and/or night After proper skin cleaning. The "cosmetic lifting" effect occurs rapidly since it has hyaluronic acid in its composition.

  • Anti-Age Treatment Cream: It is a cosmetic of deep hydration that has the most important active ingredients of the line and that can be combined with the rest of the products of the line. Use tomorrow and/or night After proper skin cleaning.

If you want to further enhance the effects of "cosmetic lifting":

  • Biorelax Lifting Mask: The line mask. It can be applied to twice a week on clean skin. In this way the effects of the line will be enhanced toning your face.
  • Supreme Texture Eye Contour Cream: A cosmetic for the eyelid area with draining, repairers, moisturizers and tensioners, perfect to release the feeling of tiredness and swelling that usually appear in these areas.