Before and after facelift without surgery

El antes y después del lifting sin cirugía

The revolution of the non-invasive cosmetic lifting has arrived. After months of work and different studies, we have created the perfect collaboration between Synergy Lift Serum©, our Marie Claire award-winning best seller, and the most advanced facial training techniques with the S.M.A.S Training© protocol, designed by Spanish facial yoga pioneer Ara Rosón for Maystar Skincare.

Why go for the facial rejuvenation without surgery?

With time, our muscles contract, begin to lose flexibility and start to sag. In the rest of the body with a balanced diet and exercise they can be kept in shape, but with a balanced diet and exercise they can be kept in shape. facial muscles are more difficult to maintain.

How is a facelift done without surgery?

A non-surgical facelift is a non-invasive and non-invasive treatment to obtain a face that defies the passage of time. One of the benefits of these treatments is that your immediate effect, since it does not require postoperative recovery.

With this in mind, and under the Vital Beauty motto, Maystar has created the Synergy Lifting Ball© that will awaken your natural beauty. An innovative treatment to achieve a natural Botox effect from the first time you apply it.

What does the Maystar Synergy Lifting Ball© box contain?

This box is the revolution in cosmetics, the before and after of non-surgical lifting treatments.

Our cosmetic antiaging Synergy Lift is accompanied by the most advanced facial training method inspired by oriental techniques and sacrocranial therapies, designed by Ara Rosón, pioneer in Spain of facial yoga, creating a perfect synergy of beauty.

The box contains the following:

  • Biorelax Lifting Serum©
  • Two Sinergy Balls
  • One tutorial unique with the S.M.A.S Training© technique
  • A membership to the Vital Beauty Club

What non-surgical lifting products are included in the pack?

Biorelax Lifting Serum©

Biorelax Lifting Serum© is Maystar Skincare's cult product with two patents in force that directly address the two major problems of aging: the Aminocontraxyl, wrinkle inhibitor, with a Botox effect, and the Bio Slimwhich destroys facial liquids and lipids.

The active ingredients of this serum are:

  • Allantoin: Natural healing and dead cell cleanser that accelerates tissue growth on the face.
  • Hyaluronic acid: Reconstituent of skin tissue fibers and great water retainer to maintain hydration.
  • Bio Slim: Attenuates expression lines by neutralizing the neurotransmitters responsible for muscle contraction.
  • Bio Slim: Synergy of peptides that favor the elimination of liquids and accumulated fat. Reduces the double chin and redraws the facial oval.
  • Viper tripeptide: Synthetic tripeptide responsible for neuromuscular blocking, which mimics the effect of viper venom. It numbs the area and smoothes it.

Synergy Balls©

In order to carry out the treatment, the box contains two Synergy Balls. Two organic semi-rubber balls that provide a very pleasant texture to the touch. They are designed to come into contact with the deepest tissues of the face, decontract and facilitate the movement of the musculature.

How is a home facelift done?

S.M.A.S Training© Tutorial

The box contains a unique tutorial with the S.M.A.S Training consisting of 6 explanatory visual tutorials that teach us how to use the elements of it in the most effective way.

The S.M.A.S. application protocols are elaborated by Ara Rosóna pioneer of facial yoga in Spain, for Maystar with the objective of achieving a natural facial lifting effect to treat facial sagging and expression wrinkles, the two most visible problems of facial aging. With only 3 minutes a day, you will notice the difference from the first application.

The S.M.A.S. method is a facial training practice that goes one step further. This technique combines with a perfect synergy the Maystar serum and the Synergy Balls to maintain the support function of the face and neck, lifting the facial features such as the cheekbones, eliminating jowls, defining the facial oval, raising the eyebrows and clearing the look.

And as a gift...

Vital Beauty Club Membership

To finish the pack in a round way, in the Synergy Lifting Ball box, you can find the Vital Beauty Club membership.

The Maystar Group has created the Vital Beauty philosophy whose motto is "Vital Beauty Club".Youth is ephemeral, beauty is eternal". This philosophy understands beauty as a synonym of health and well-being, as love and care, not as slavery.

As it could not be otherwise, the experience SYNERGY LIFTING BALL is a self-treatment included in the Luxury Beauty under this philosophy and is aimed at women who are self-demanding with their own beauty and who have the culture of living beauty as a pleasure and with self-responsibility.

With this membership, you will be able to make on-line consultations with the beauty advisors, as well as receive advice, product shipments, personalized protocols, samples and testers.

Benefits of a facelift without surgery

Just 3 minutes a day, the effects of the treatment SYNERGY LIFITNG BALL© treatment can be felt from the first application:

- Lifting of the eyebrow arch

- Clear look

- Cheekbone lift

- Nasolabial fold improvement

- Definition of facial oval

- Natural Botox effect between the eyebrows and forehead

- More luminous and radiant face

- Reduction of facial edema

- Stimulation of collagen production

- Profound well-being

Recommended products to maintain the lifting effect on the face

The Synergy Lifting Ball treatment is undoubtedly the star to achieve facial rejuvenation. However, we can enhance its effect by using specific firming and anti-aging cosmetics such as those you will find in the category of Cosmetic lifting effect creams.

We also advise you to visit our two top lines focused on firming the skin: Caviar Therapy y Synergy Lift. 

In which areas can a facelift be performed without surgery?

In addition to the facial rejuvenation without surgery that we discuss in this article it is possible to talk about lifting without surgery for other parts of the body such as:

  • Arm lift without surgery
  • Thigh lift without surgery
  • Abdominal lift without surgery


Ana Laura Vázquez. Trainer and Technical Advisor at MAYSTAR GROUP.