Age is just an attitude - challenge it!

La edad sólo es una actitud ¡Desafíala!
At Maystar Cosmetics we are firm defenders that age is not an impediment to look beautiful and with a healthy, luminous skin that reflects your attitude. You know that age is attitude and, nowadays, style and beauty have gone beyond the limits established in a certain range. One of our star cabin treatments is from the line Synergy Lift (indicated for more mature skin). The star treatment in the cabin is "Age Defying".a premise that we should always use, because the number of years is the least of it, we want your attitude to constantly defy the passage of time.

We tell you in detail how this wonderful ritual works in the salon.

The first signs of aging on the face become more visible in winter because of the cold, dryness and constant changes in temperature between indoors and outdoors. To combat these uncomfortable symptoms and recover the elasticity and luminosity of the skin, MAYSTAR COSMETICS has created a protocol that extraordinarily beautifies the skin, restoring all its comfort.

A warm embrace of well-being for your skin.

MAYSTAR COSMETICS creates an extraordinary cabin protocol that combines a series of treatments to defend the skin against the aggressions of the cold season. Low temperatures and constant indoor-outdoor changes (cold and heating) cause a vasoconstriction effect that limits the oxygen in our cells and causes a dull tone and a dry and sensitive skin. This treatment restores radiance, fade wrinkles and expression lines.We erase the traces of fatigue, lack of sleep and restore elasticity to the skin. The best products of the firm are combined, in a personalized way and adapted to each woman to repair and restore its natural beauty. An extra hydration and nutrition that will prevent the symptoms associated with cold. The skin reveals itself clean, hydrated and luminous. Ready to defend itself against the rigors of winter.

Products used during the protocol

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