We interviewed Lucía García, second place in the STARPIL contest.

Entrevistamos a Lucía García, segunda clasificada en el concurso STARPIL

What did you think about the contest organized by Starpil?

It was a unique experience in which I learned a lot of things.

Why did you sign up?

It was really my boss's idea and I thought it was great.

How did you see the finalists?

The level of the finalists was high and they were at the height of the contest, each one with very good conditions.

Why do you think the jury chose you as the second finalist?

I guess that, after waxing for 12 years, they valued my experience, but I was very surprised and I don't deny that I was very excited because all my colleagues were strong rivals.

What is your assessment of your passage through the contest?

All I have to say are positive things, from the jury to every detail of the organization. If I had to put a but, it would only be the kilometers I had to do from Almería, first to Madrid and then to Torredembarra.

Would you encourage other colleagues to participate?

Of course I would, you feel at home and the treatment was unbeatable.

Explain to us how you prepare clients for waxing.

At the center where I work, ELLOS Y ELLAS in Almería, I always start by asking them how long they have not waxed and what type of hair removal they normally use. Then I get them on the table, a very important step to make my clients feel good.

What area do you think is the most difficult to wax?

For me there is no difficult area to wax, although if I had to choose one I would say the pubis. Some clients don't do it out of embarrassment, despite my insistence that they feel as comfortable as possible.

What differences are there between boys and girls when it comes to waxing?

The difference is the amount of hair. Boys tend to have more hair, although when they try it and see how smooth and silky the skin is, they tend to repeat. We have more and more men in the center and I would say they are very flirtatious.

Why do you prefer waxing?

Wax is a gentle product and, above all, very hygienic. My favorite is the warm wax. You use it and when you finish waxing everything falls apart.

What is your favorite Starpil product?

My favorite wax is the Natural wax, the wax of a lifetime. And as far as products go, I'd go for the post-depil delaying emulsion to finish waxing, the skin is very moisturized.

How do you promote the different treatments in the Starpil range?

By saying that its active ingredients are of natural origin and that, in the end, excellent results are achieved.

What services do you offer in your center?

What we offer the most is warm waxing. We also offer facials, body treatments, manicures, pedicures, massages and make-up.

Do you think laser hair removal has affected traditional waxing?

I don't think so because people who are waxers, even if they have had laser sessions, always come back for a waxing session because it is very difficult to remove hair 100%. Also, for blondes, redheads and people with gray hair, laser is not effective and I advise them to wax.