Interview with Anaïs Vallejo, winner of STARPIL hair removal contest

Entrevista a Anaïs Vallejo, ganadora del concurso de depilación STARPIL
What did you think of the contest organized by Starpil? First of all, I would like to thank STARPIL for letting me take part in this second edition of the national contest. I found it interesting, I didn't know that they organized this type of professional hair removal contest and I think it's a good way to share my profession and learn new techniques from all the professionals who participate in the contest. Why did you sign up? Noelia Sadornil, my boss for all these years, was the one who informed me about the pre-registrations for the contest, she had signed up and then asked me if I wanted to participate, obviously I said yes, and she was the one who signed me up. How did you see the finalists? I saw them as professionals, just as I saw all the girls with whom I shared part of the contest, both in the first phase in Barcelona and in the final in Torredembarra (Tarragona). Why do you think the jury chose you as the best waxer? This question is difficult for me to answer. I simply did the same thing I do every day, I recognize that I am passionate about my work and I think that was noticed. For me the first thing is to take care of the person I treat, it's something that comes naturally to me: accommodation, good treatment, skin preparation, technique, speed ... I imagine that these were the points that the jury took into account when making the decision. How would you rate your participation in the contest? If I had to rate it with a score, I would give it a ten, not only for the wonderful prize I got, but also for the professionalism that the world of aesthetics exudes at a national level. I really enjoyed sharing this stage with all of you, from the organizers, jury, directors, professional candidates who presented themselves, to the models who wanted to be part of the contest. In the final in Torredembarra (Tarragona) we were given a tour of the headquarters of Maystar (Starpil). It was amazing to know how they work and distribute the product all over the world. In addition, I had the opportunity to see the laboratory from where they start researching a product until they put it on sale, they can spend up to two years doing research! Would you encourage other colleagues to participate? Of course I would, in fact I will encourage my employee to apply next year. Tell us about how you prepare clients for waxing.. I show them into the booth and tell them that behind the door they have a hanger where they can leave their clothes, I leave them a disposable panty or underwear and a towel so they can cover up while they wait. I examine the skin and hair and then proceed to apply the most appropriate product for their skin, always explaining what I am doing at all times. What area do you think is more complicated to wax? I think there is no complicated area to wax, it simply depends on the type of skin of each person, some skin is more sensitive than others or more reactive, but complicated in itself, none. What differences are there between boys and girls when it comes to waxing? I don't think there is much difference. It is clear that a man's hair is stronger than a woman's but it also depends on how long they have been waxing. I have many male clients who have been waxing for a long time and therefore have very weakened hair, they handle waxing very well and I hardly notice any suffering. Nowadays there are many guys who wax, either because they are athletes or simply for convenience. I could say that the only difference between boys and girls is the time that a complete waxing session can last, since boys tend to wax more areas of the body than women. Why do you prefer waxing? It depends on the hair removal method you compare it to. Of course, I prefer it to any abrasive method such as: hair removal creams that burn the hair and also damage the skin, shaving (which after all what is achieved is to give strength to the hair) or the methods of starting with aparatology (which cut the hair and favor the encystamiento). I prefer waxing because it is the longest lasting method and, in my opinion, much less aggressive than the methods described above. What is your favorite Starpil product? I haven't had the chance to try products from this house, but I will soon enjoy my batch and I'm sure there will be several that I will love. I can say that I really liked the post epil emulsion emulsion that I used in the contest since the texture was fluid and did not leave a sticky feeling on the skin, I was also attracted by two products that I had on my desk while participating in the contest, the Hair puller (ingrown hair) and the post-e acid creampilindicated for sensitive or reactive skin that reddens immediately. I can't wait to be able to offer these products to my customers. How do you promote the different treatments in the Starpil range? Since I entered the contest, I have been looking for information and I know that they are always innovating formulations, they produce products with active ingredients of natural origin, they are leaders in professional hair removal, in pre and post epil cosmetics. I also read about their beginnings, they started in an artisanal way, today they promise commitment to the environment (very grateful) minimizing environmental impacts to take care of the environment. They are always looking to improve, today they lead the field of innovation and profitability that has led them to become a world leader in hair removal products and cosmetics. What services do you offer in your center? In my center, Espai Estetic Noe for 5 years, and nowadays named as Cel Blau center d'estètica by Anaïs, we offer all kinds of services: from waxing with warm wax to roll-on, we also do manual lymphatic drainage (in my opinion it is more effective than pressotherapy), anti-stress treatments, such as chocotherapies, oriental aromas, candle massages, foot reflexology, we also offer makeup service and the famous microblading that lately is fashionable. Reiki service, and of course manicures and pedicures, both normal and semi-permanent with drawing details, kerosene, treatment for hardness and many more things I could name. Do you think laser hair removal has affected traditional waxing? Of course not, it is a different service and each person chooses the method of hair removal that best suits their needs. Thank you very much Anaïs, we hope that STARPIL will be your faithful ally in the depilations you perform from now on.