5 tips for a "good face" effect upon returning from vacation

5 consejos para un efecto "buena cara" a la vuelta de vacaciones
Whatever your problem is, we have the the perfect cosmetic to help you return to the office with a good face.. We're sure you've enjoyed your vacations to the fullest and that you've probably forgotten your beauty routines and overdone it with the sun. Now it's time to come back and show off beautiful, well-cared-for skin, not just a tan. good face effect Follow our tips and in a few days you will have recovered your skin. radianceand hydration y impurities are eliminated on your face.

5 tips for a "good face":

  1. Use every three days our Double Peeling Renewal from the Glycosure Care line, a facial exfoliator with a double chemical and mechanical action that will help you to obtain a deeper skin renewal.
  2. Then apply an ampoule or a Vitamin C Serumwhich will help you to regain radiance and put an end to the effect of dull skin, so common after long exposure to the sun. Vitamin C is very important throughout the year and its mission is also to block most of the sun's rays. free radicals that sunscreens are unable to stop.
  3. If your skin is more oily, you will only need to apply a high sunscreen such as Sun Supreme Care 50 and you're ready for the day. You've probably come back with some acne, so add to your nightly beauty routine with a few drops of Tea Tree Oilwhose antimicrobial and sebum-regulating properties. are very beneficial for oily and acne-prone skin.
  4. On the other hand, if your skin is dry and suffers from tightness after the summer, apply after the Vitamin C serum a good nourishing and repairing cream to which you can add a few drops of our Argan Oil (powerful antioxidant and repairing).
  5. And if the problem is the dreaded blemishes, which have reappeared after the vacations, combine the Vitamin C serum with another specific depigmenting product, such as our Whitening Care Serum and then apply the Depigmentation Cream SPF 50 from the same line.
If you are consistent, you will obtain optimal results. The quality of your skin will improve, you will feel better and you will have achieved the "good face effect" after the vacations in just a few days. And you, what's your face like? :)