Do you know the benefits of the Whitening Care line?

¿Conoces los beneficios de la línea Whitening Care?
After excessive exposure to the sun, the dreaded "sun spots" can appear. skin blemishes. Dyschromias are usually due to an excess of the usual melanin pigment, which may be the result of an increase in the number of cells that produce it (malanocytes) or, more frequently, an increase in the amount of pigment in the area. To treat blemishes, Maystar Cosmética has the following line of products Whitening Carea treatment that whitens and prevents the formation of dyschromia, increases luminosity and evens skin tone, revitalizes and provides essential vitamins, smoothes the skin and protects it from the sun.. The products of the line Whitening Care are formulated with Mandarin Satsuma extract, an active ingredient that inhibits melanin production and leaves the skin whiter and purer. Another component is Kojic Acida powerful bleaching agent that contributes to the inhibition of tyrosinase in the process of melanin synthesis. It also reduces the formation of hyperpigmentation, leaving the skin free of spots. The Vitamin C is the third active ingredient of this line. Thanks to its antioxidant powerthis component naturally repairs and illuminates the skin. Its action against free radicals helps fight the signs of aging, pollution and the negative effects of the sun. Whitening Care has three products to successfully treat blemishes: the repair creamcream, the intensive depigmenting serum and enzymatic depigmenting mask.