Núria López

Sevillian with a very restless spirit, wanting to learn from everything and all the people who come to my life. My passion for osteopathy and for transmitting the preventive culture of health and well -being in order to raise awareness among the world that it is possible to enjoy a better quality of life, taking care of our body, mind and spirit.

Osteopata, Holistic and Dietitian Kinesiology. Since 2017 businesswoman in the comprehensive well -being sector. Mentor of integral well -being, communicating and transmitting my knowledge is a way of contributing more value to people.

Monica Palomino

Own Ikebana method, through which I get effort to return the best state of health that each person can have according to their vital moment.



AV. José Laguillo, 841013 - Sevilla
954 871 660

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