Ana Llovera

I'm Ana Llovera Gascón and I have a clinic in Valencia.
I started working with 22 years in the aesthetic sector, first in hairdressers and then in a pharmacy, in 2010 I started working with doctors and my Physiotherapy Clinic, Podiatry and Nutrition also expands its services to Aesthetic Medicine. In 2016 I met Ir Group, with them my evolution began and in 2021 I graduated in Aesthetic Medicine Auxiliary Techniques (Master offered by the University Miguel Hernandez).

The choice of Ana Llovera

First of all I want to thank Maystar for the opportunity to be an ambassador of one of their lines, so we will work to offer health, beauty and wellness.

Ana Llovera


Clínica Soler, C/San pio X, 29 Valencia

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