Why is the use of cosmetics in hair removal treatments so important?

¿Por qué es tan importante el uso de cosmética en los tratamientos depilatorios?
Because in STARPIL we think about the skin and believe that the depilatory treatments are true beauty treatments, where the care of the client and his skin are as important as the removal of hair.

Why use a Prepil Gel?

Before you start waxing, it is essential to perform a hygiene of the area to be treated, especially in case there are traces of other cosmetics, besides being very pleasant, a light and gentle massage prior to waxing helps to relax our client. Hygiene cosmetics should preferably have a gel texture since it is much more comfortable to apply and is easily absorbed.. Our PREPIL GEL has in its composition tea tree, witch hazel, menthol, bisabolol, which in addition to fulfilling its function of hygiene and antisepsis, produces a cold sensation prior to the depilatory treatment, in order to "numb the skin" and prepare it for hair removal.

Why use a Post epil Gel?

It is always advisable to finish the treatment with a POST DEPILATORY OILwhich, in addition to helping remove possible residues of water-soluble wax, we recommend formulations with very moisturizing active ingredients, such as tocopherol, vitamin F, olive oil, etc. But if what our customers prefer is a massage with a more traditional product, you can also use a POST-EPIL EMULSION CAN ALSO BE USED.This is a creamy but light texture, preferably with soothing, moisturizing, regenerating and healing agents such as centella asiatica or melon extract, which will leave our client's skin perfectly soft and supple. moisturized and silky.

Cosmetics in depilatory treatments

To sum up, the use of cosmetics in depilatory treatments is essential for a perfect treatment, especially because they contribute to the feeling of well-being, care, hydration and repair of the cutaneous protective barrier.. And for the parts where the skin reacts more strongly, intimate or sensitive areas such as the face, apply a PH rebalancing cream is basic, the ACID CREAM (due to its acid pH) has soothing and repairing active ingredients such as the allantoin and oat extract to regulate the skin's pH, it is very moisturizing, decongestive and anti-inflammatory. indicated, as we have said, especially for very sensitive areas. It can also be used after laser hair removal treatments. In short, hair removal is not simply pulling out hairs, we suggest you look for real depilatory treatments that not only try to remove hair, but also to recover and improve the quality of your skin. Tell us what treatments you do in your salon in the comments ;)