What is Facial Toner and how is it used?

Qué es el Tónico Facial y cómo se utiliza
FACIAL TONIC, the great forgotten skin care product.
We should never skip the step of facial cleansing in our skin care routine and facial toner is one of the must-haves in this step. They say that "the one in the middle" is always the forgotten one, well, the facial toner is "the one in the middle" in the basic skin care routine. toning + moisturize.

What is facial toner?

Facial toner is an aqueous substance with active ingredients aimed at refreshing, revitalizing, balancing the pH, closing pores and, in short, preparing the skin for the treatment that we will apply later, with many and varied benefits. Let's take a look at it:

When to use it?

Twice a day, morning and evening, always after facial cleansing and before applying our usual serum or cream, which will vary depending on the time of year or the needs of our skin at that time. In short, always after facial cleansing and before our rejuvenating or facial care treatment. And if you do sports or outdoor activities do not forget to put it in your bag, you will see the amount of impurities that remain on your skin, even if you are in the countryside.

How do we apply the toner in our facial cleansing routine?

You can apply it in several ways:
  • Impregnating a couple of cotton pads that you will gently wipe all over your face;
  • spraying, if it is a spray, as a "mist";
  • applying it directly with the fingertips, exerting gentle pressure until it is completely absorbed, and then apply the rest of the products of your usual treatment.

Where to apply the facial tonic?

Face, neck and décolleté - always! The neck and décolleté are our great forgotten ones, but imagine a luminous and cared for face accompanied by a neglected neck and décolleté...bad, very bad.

Types of facial toner:

You have already seen that toners encompass many necessary benefits in skin care, but some of them enhance one action more than others, there are:
  • MoisturizersFor skins that need a little more hydration.
  • Stimulants: for smoothing and softening the skin
  • Astringentsfor oilier skins, as they help control excess oil and tighten pores.
  • Soothing: with decongestive action and for more sensitive skins, such as our Sensitive Thermal Toning Waterrich in minerals, squalene and alpha-abisabolol, with antioxidant, anti-aging, softening and emollient properties, among others.

Benefits for skin care?

The benefits of facial toner are many and varied: it moisturizes, refreshes, revitalizes, balances and restores the pH of the skin, and we will always use it to help the subsequent treatment to be much more effective. It must be used on all skin types, especially on very dry skin, because of the moisturizing properties it provides and on those with dry skin. anti-acne treatments to help tighten pores without clogging. We recommend Oil Balance Clarifying Tonic Lotionan astringent and mattifying tonic with rosemary water and alcohol-free, especially for oily skin. As it has astringent properties, it should not be forgotten that the facial tonic also exerts an astringent action. peeling action or peel exfoliation. So you see..., it's all benefits! We repeat ourselves: refreshes, revitalizes, balances and restores the pH of our skin, helps to close pores and leaves it ready for the treatment that will follow. Its light, watery texture is also important for easy application and fast drying, the most comfortable are those that come with sprayThe most convenient are those that come with a spray, since by spraying on the skin we are helping to refresh it.

And as tips we will tell you:

  • some facial tonics, such as our Essential Oxygen Mistcan be applied at any time of the day to refresh and rehydrate the skin (especially in summer), even with make-up on, so be sure to carry one in your handbag...
  • ideal for guys after shaving, after sports or at any time, they also meet your basic requirement: you don't need to spend a lot of time... you spray and that's it!
  • and at home: keep your facial tonic in the fridgeyou will see how its decongestive properties are enhanced!
And you, do you use facial toner? Tell us your experience in the comments!