How to get rid of Cellulite - Everything you need to know

Cómo eliminar la Celulitis - Todo lo que tienes que saber
One of our biggest concerns when the good weather arrives is the dreaded cellulite and we ask ourselves: how to eliminate and combat it, how it is produced or formed, what can I do to reduce it, what is the cause of its appearance, why I have cellulite... We could say that cellulite mainly affects women and it is one of the main causes of cellulite. infection of subcutaneous tissue that causes irregularities in the superficial layers of the skin, in some cases it can be even painful and for sure is always unsightly. The causes are diverse: genetic, hormonal, lifestyle habits, circulatory disorders, stress... And since the dreaded operation bikini is already here, let's try to understand it in order to know how to treat it. abdomen - no cellulite

Where does cellulite occur?

We can find cellulite in different parts of the body, especially manifests itself more in the thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen and could also appear on the inside of the knees, arms or back, but these would be the most serious cases where we absolutely recommend getting into the hands of a professional. And although we may think that it only affects women, men also suffer from itSo guys, these tips are good for you too.

Types of cellulite

From a more technical point of view we could divide cellulite into more types, but the main and most common are: Edematous cellulite which in addition to manifesting with the famous "orange peel", presents fluid retention (edema). It is usually located in the legs and is not associated with flaccidity. Hard or Compact Cellulite, the skin is harder to the touch because the tissue surrounding the nodules is very fibrous, so it can hardly be pinched and these nodules in some cases become painful. Soft Cellulitis, as its name indicates, it is a more flaccid cellulitis, when touched it sinks and does not present consistency. It is the most common and in most cases it is not painful and appears in buttocks and thighs. It often appears in women with a sedentary lifestyle or who have had drastic weight changes.

What causes it?

We could say that cellulite is a "cellulite".disease of the metabolism"which causes physiological and functional changes in the fibrous tissue, as well as circulatory disorders and hypertrophism of the adipose cells. And it can appear for various and diverse reasons.

Triggering aspects:

Hormonal factors: This is the most influential aspect in women. Estrogen and progesterone are the hormones that basically intervene in the appearance of cellulite, regardless of whether you are thin or overweight. Estrogens stimulate the retention of liquid in the tissues and progesterone is the one that predisposes the accumulation of fat, for this reason it is a problem more of women than men. And we must also take into account that during pregnancy may be more evident due to the hormonal changes our body undergoes.

Aggravating aspects:

Genetics: Without a doubt, genetic antecedents favor its appearance, so we recommend that if there are cellulite problems and circulatory or lymphatic disorders in the family, take care of your diet and exercise a lot. Sedentary lifestyle: The lack of physical activity seems to be one of the problems that not only causes cellulite, but also helps to maintain it, since adequate physical activity activates blood circulation and the metabolism of fat cells, helping to reduce it. The dietThe food: an excessive intake of calories will make you gain weight and as a consequence will increase your fat cells, which in turn will feed your cellulite. And watch out for salt intake...excess sodium favors fluid retention.. So a balanced diet will be the basis to keep your cellulite at bay. drink water - no cellulite And don't forget to drink plenty of water to facilitate the elimination of toxins and reduce edema! Stress: a problem of the modern world that, believe it or not, also influences circulation problems and can therefore favor the appearance of cellulite. Alcohol and tobacco consumptionThe more toxins you bring to the body, the worse your blood circulation will work and the worse you will eliminate waste, which will help your cellulite to resist.

What to do to eliminate it?

And this is the big question that is difficult to answer, because each body is different and there is no master formula and most importantly, because unfortunately cellulite is not eliminated, it can only be improved.. We can tell you that:
  • Maintain a balanced diet
  • Exercise
  • Do not use tobacco or alcohol
  • Avoid consumption of processed or refined foods
  • Drainage treatments and treatments with specialized esthetic centers (pressotherapy, cryotherapy and thermotherapy, currents, ultrasound, iontophoresis, lymphatic drainage, etc.).
  • And... of course, apply anti-cellulite and reducing creams, which will not work miracles, but we assure you that if you comply with the above points and you are constant taking care of your skin with a suitable anti-cellulite cream, the improvement is assured!
exercises to eliminate cellulite

Exercises to eliminate cellulite

Do any physical exercise to strengthen the thighs and buttocks, we advise you to go up and down stairs, walk a lot, run, ride a bike or do aerobic sports, but a minimum of 30 minutes about 3-4 times a week, that to start and when you go getting background, go up to 60 minutes.

To organize ourselves a little:

  1. Aerobic exercise 30 minutes 3-4 times per week.
  2. Tone your body by performing abductor and gluteal exercises, squats or push-ups.
You can go to a gym or follow the advice of a personal trainer, who will undoubtedly direct you better by adjusting the exercise plan to your specific needs. sugar - foods to avoid cellulite

What foods to avoid?

Well, we've already said it more or less... Fried food and junk food in general: have a high fat content and generally of poor quality, pastries, precooked food, chips, hamburgers, etc. contain refined flours and salts, sugars and trans fats, which are highly harmful to our organism. Eating this type of food, the body only receives "reserves" and as such the accumulates in the form of fat and cellulite.. Instead you can opt for a less fatty type of food (white meat: chicken or turkey) grilled, steamed, baked or wok, etc., which is also very good and will help you in the fight against your enemy cellulite. Alcoholic beverages: not that they produce cellulite in themselves, but contribute to the obstruction of blood vessels and therefore favor the problem, in addition to alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages are metabolized in the form of sugarso they are directly fattening. Switch to natural juices, herbal teas or just water. Although a glass of a good red wine from time to time will not do you any harm and will help you fight against free radicals in the body! sugar - no cellulite Sugars (including white sugar): It does not provide any nutrients so it directly fattening. Forget about soft drinks, candy, cookies... To sweeten your food, there are many substitutes: brown sugar, honey, natural syrups, etc... Refined or table salt: common salt is just sodium chloride that directly causes fluid retention and poor circulationtwo of the great enemies of the dreaded cellulite. To finish giving your dishes a tastier taste, use Himalayan salt or sea salt, rich in trace elements and minerals, which in small quantities are beneficial for our body. So now you know, banish these bad habits and move to the world of vegetables, fruits, legumes, wholemeal flours, nuts, etc... We assure you that you will not go hungry at all and your body will thank you!

Cellulite cream

And the last thing to fight cellulite is to use a good anti-cellulite cream! In the market there are countless and all "sell their virtues" with the best possible approach, we recommend that you look for the one that best suits your tastes, your skin type or the time of year, depending on the texture: cream, gel, spray .... but the most important thing is to know its composition, here we mention a few essential active ingredients to win the battle: CaffeineStimulates the burning of localized fat, causing a slimming action and helps prevent water retention. Fucus Vesiculosus (Brown Algae): Algae rich in organic iodine, mineral salts, vitamins and trace elements, among others, which possess anti-inflammatory and depolymerizing properties that help dissolve fat. Asian pennywort: Circulation stimulant and astringent, improves skin elasticity and acts as an adjuvant in cellulite treatments. Carnitine: Considered as a fat "devouring" molecule, this amino acid derivative acts by decreasing excessively high rates of triglycerides and cholesterol by improving lipid metabolism. This is why it is indicated in cases of cellulite, since the greater the presence of carnitine, the lesser the orange peel effect. Try to avoid creams with parabens, petrolatum or kerosenes.the slow cosmetics is in fashion. Discover the daily habits against cellulite in the following video So there you have it!
  • Good nutrition
  • Lots of exercise
  • Good habits in general
  • A good cream
  • Consistency
and... show off your bikini! bikini - no cellulite If you have any questions, leave us a comment at the end of the article, we'll be happy to answer you!