What are neurosensory assets?

¿Qué son los activos neurosensoriales?
When waxing, we mainly provoke three reactions in our skin: 1. The "Altered Barrier" function facilitates the invasion of micro-organisms. 2. Activation of immune cells, inflammation 3. Itching The main protagonists of our discomfort are the mast cells (immune cells normally found in connective tissues related to hypersensitization and allergic reactions). Mediators originate inside them, which end up acting on certain sensory nerves located in the dermis, increasing their sensitivity and causing an unpleasant sensation of: burning, stinging, tightness and itching.

How can we avoid the unpleasant effects?

At Maystar Laboratories, we have succeeded in creating a type of wax without rosin (one of the ingredients that causes the most allergic reactions), with active ingredients of natural origin and neurosensory active ingredients capable of acting on the behavior of mast cells, minimizing the unpleasant effects and achieving skin recovery in a much shorter time.

The protagonist

The BUTYLCYCLOHEXANOL is the main neurosensory active ingredient responsible for this sensation of well-being. A molecule capable of modulating the neurosensorial activation in the dermis, where the origin of the stinging/burning sensations is located. The relationship between the skin and the brain is the key to understanding the impact of depilatories on people's skin comfort and well-being. Starsoft, not only eliminates rosins and contains these neurosensory active ingredients, but is also formulated with
  • Preservative-free, fragrance-free, colorant-free.
  • With regenerating, healing and antibacterial active ingredients.
  • Selective active ingredients that allow differentiation between hair and skin and minimize pain.