Beware of the cold! Take care and protect your skin even in winter

¡Cuidado con el frío! Cuida y protege tu piel también en invierno
Not only spring and summer damage our skin, we must also take a series of precautions in winter, especially if we are lovers of winter sports. We have two months ahead of us to escape to the snow, either because you love skiing or snowboarding or because you want to enjoy the wonderful spectacle that nature offers at this time of year. Winter is also beautiful and you have to enjoy it.

Did you know that the cold and the high mountain sun can accelerate the aging process of your skin, cause dryness and allergies?

Forget the 90's fashion of arriving at the office on Monday red as a bell pepper and with glasses well marked on your face. Now you just have to make sure you arrive with no signs of your great weekend on the slopes. We are not aware that snow reflects 80% of the sun's rays (the sand of the beach only reflects 15%) and to this we must add that solar radiation is much more powerful from 1000 m altitude, taking into account that we usually ski at about 2000m...

We are going to give you a series of tips to avoid suffering the negative consequences of the cold and the sun:

  • Keep yourself protected at all times with a high SPF, the ideal would be 50. and remember to apply it half an hour before starting the outdoor activity. Renew every 2 hours and remember that on cloudy days you should also protect yourself.
  • Wind is another enemy of the skin. It dehydrates it, causes tightness and makes it more sensitive. Do not forget these days to apply serum, moisturizer and eye contour.
  • Just like the eye contour, which can be more protected by sunglasses, the lips are a very delicate part. Use specific products and at the end of the day apply rosehip oil generously, it will repair them almost immediately.
  • The skin on the rest of the body, despite being protected by clothing, also dehydrates and flakes. So don't forget to moisturize it generously morning and night.
  • And let's not forget your hands. If you can take a kerosene bath, you will protect them before and after. Also use rosehip oil and wrap them in a cotton glove to sleep.
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