What are endocrine disruptors?

¿Qué son los disruptores endocrinos?
We have talked a lot about breast cancer, but after October we forget what we have learned and do not mention it again for another year. This is not the way it should be. Since 1985 breast cancer has been increasing by 3.2% in Spain. We are well aware that what used to be a rare disease has become in our times a common disease and that it has become a very common disease. we fight day by day to support and encourage research..

What if we spent more resources on prevention?

Nearly one hundred scientists call on Europe and the international community to act against endocrine disruptors, including Dr. Nicolas Olea from the University of Granada, a world-renowned scientist. Many of these scientists demand that their research be heard and no longer be filed in government drawers. "For decades, science has been attacked every time its discoveries questioned commercial activities or established interests. Scientific evidence has been brutally distorted by science deniers or people funded by industrial interests in order to create a false impression of controversy. This fabrication of doubt has delayed preventive actions with serious consequences for the health of the population and the environment." "Doubt manufacturers" work in different areas, such as the tobacco industry, the petrochemical industry and the agrochemical sector. The petrochemical industry alone is a source of thousands of toxic chemicals and contributes to the massive increase in the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, one of the causes of climate change. (Source:Le Monde) Just as after the Paris agreement in 2015, a new era in the fight for climate protection began, a similar fight is being waged around the need to to reduce exposure to endocrine disruptors. The European Commission is about to implement the world's first endocrine disruptor regulation. Although many countries have expressed concern about these chemicals, there is no joint regulation.

Why does this need arise?

Because never before has mankind faced such a high number of hormone-related diseases, such as breast, testicular, ovarian or prostate cancer, brain development problems, diabetes, obesity, undescended testicles in babies, penile malformations and poor semen quality. An overwhelming majority of scientists actively involved in researching the causes of these health trends agree that a number of factors are involved, among them the chemicals capable of interfering with our hormonal systems. Several expert scientific societies have pointed out that these chemicals, called endocrine disruptors, represent a threat to global health.. These substances can interfere with natural hormones during critical periods of development, such as pregnancy or puberty, when our bodies are particularly sensitive. The consequences will come later. Europe already recognizes that four phthalates, used in commonly used plastic articles, in cleaning products and cosmetics, are "dangerous to human health".endocrine disruptors with adverse effects on human health (phthalates are a group of about 80 synthetic chemicals that, because of their versatility and low price, are widely used in everyday products as plasticizers, artificial scent fixatives and preservatives in cosmetics and hygiene products). However, However, the importation of articles containing them is still allowed. and other customary uses not subject to the regulations REACHsuch as cleaning and personal care products, hair gels and skin creams.

What should we do?

Avoid exposure to disruptors as much as possible, opt for cosmetics free of parabens and petrochemical derivatives.We should take care of our food by buying organic products and limit the consumption of animal products if we are not 100% sure of their origin. Every step we take is important to win the battle against what is already an epidemic in our times: cancer, diabetes, fertility problems... In laboratories Maystar we manufacture in a way that our impact on the environment is as low as possible. and we have a our own laboratory where we research and develop a complete range of cosmetic products. The formula for success is obtained by combining the the most innovative technology with the application of the principles of dermocosmeticsand all this on the basis of galenic expertise research, according to which we maximize the aesthetic results with important therapeutic effects on the skin. Thus, all of our cosmetic products reach our customers formulated with the best ingredients. active ingredients suitable for ensure a healthy, vital and well-cared-for skin..