Types of facial massage and their benefits

Tipos de Masaje Facial y sus Beneficios

Massage is a way to manipulate the deep and superficial layers of body muscles fulfilling several functions such as Help in healing processes, somehow decrease muscle activity, relax and promote general well -being.


History of massage

The date that is known earlier dates back to 2700 B.C. On this date a book called “The classic book of internal medicine of the yellow emperor” was created, on medicinal Chinese traditions, one of the basic massage books is still considered.

Cabin massage


Physiological: Relieves the tiredness associated with the practice of soft exercise, thermal baths, etc.

Mechanics: Applied mechanical forces affect tissues.

Preventive: applied to tense and injured areas before the practice of soft exercise.

Therapeutics: This type of massage should only be done by a trained professional, for example, to improve the circulatory system, recover mobility, relieve pain, etc.

Aesthetics-Hygienic: This type of massage has the function of improving in some way the external aspect of the individual, either improving the body figure, toning muscles or producing relaxation, which ultimately produces a positive aesthetic result.

Sports: It is done in the athlete, before, during and after practice.

Psychological-Animic-Relajation: Manual contact with a professional provides safety and comfort, relieving psychophysical tension.

The specific facial massage

Just as we practice sports to tone the body, facial massage should be practiced as a sport, since It helps a lot to keep the structure of the face. If we add this to this Facial exercises We will get some cheekbones, eyelids and oval much firmer when you reach maturity.

In all treatments in cabin with an anti -aging, or deep skin stimulus, a facial massage should always be included.

Facial massage is accompanied most of the time with Facial moisturizing creams, serums, face masksand different types of cosmetic products.


Regardless of each technique or type of massage fulfilling a certain function, in general, making soft and deep friction on the face and neck is very positive in several aspects:

  • By stimulating the blood circulatory system, it favors the production of fibers that support the skin, stopping, somehow its aging, also refreshes the skin and is very healthy for its correct operation.
  • Gives elasticity.
  • Facial tension decreases.
  • Improves the existence of bags of the lower eyelid.
  • It brings a great sense of well-being that helps in personal and health balance.

Facial massage techniques

There are several manual massage techniques for the facial area.

Facial lymphatic drain

Lymph is a liquid present in our body that originates in the blood. It is formed by water, salts and proteins, circulates through the lymphatic system, eliminating toxins and other waste.

However, there are several factors that influence the operation of this system.

There are external and internal causes:

  • Pregnancy, obesity, urinary system problems, hereditary causes.
  • Heat, humidity, salt abuse, alcohol consumption, use tight garments, medication, lack of physical exercise, etc.

Currently Vodder method It is the method recognized at the academic level with a safe and endorsed scientific basis. The concept of drainage is the fluid output of an area that has accumulated towards a drainage place, through a driving system.

The physiotherapist or professional that applies it does so in a very soft way, practically as a caress. It is a very different massage from the classic, especially because of the soft manual pressure that is done. The proximal to distal massage begins and always begins with the emptying of the ganglion chains.


  • This technique is very well indicated for healthy skin that wants to revitalize or stay healthy.
  • In fatigued and tired skin to rekindle, oxygenate and "clean" deeply.
  • In cuperosis to improve microcirculation and reduce inflammation.

In short, it is a very healthy technique, which is also frequently applied in the medical field when patients have post surgical edema. Therefore, special training is needed to do it.

Digitopuntura or Shiatsu

This technique is of Chinese origin. It is done through points of Acression At certain points located along energy channels, called meridians.

The practitioners of this technique use special devices, fingers, palms, etc. Facial digitipression helps correct wrinkles. This is because this technique increases circulation and therefore improves muscle tone and connective tissue, decreasing the appearance of wrinkles.

Classic facial massage

This type of massage is the most used and is the one that is usually taught in academies and aesthetic schools, which is why most professionals practice. It includes maneuvers such as soft and deep friction, types, pinches, kneading.

It is indicated for skins with aging or photo leading. These skins need a stimulus in the dermis to Promote new collagen which fulfills the important support function.

In general, this type of massage is done with different active ingredients, such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, DMAE, etc.

Facial massage

Kobid massage

Kobid massage means: "ancient path of beauty", and is the oldest eastern facial massage of which documentation is. Is currently known as Japanese facial lifting.

This massage works on 16 muscles of the face very superficial by 47 different maneuvers. These maneuvers are applied on face, neck and scalp, producing great relaxation, reliefing pains and discomfort. It also provides a large amount of oxygen to the skin organ (skin).

It also produces a stimulus in the dermal collagen, thus improving the cutaneous tone and relaxation, providing freshness.

How to make a facial massage at home?

1- Choose yourFacial cream preferred (We have several types of creams and collections for specific skin). Check out our categories of: Dry Skin, oily skin, mixed skin, sensitive skin, mature skins looking for a lifting effect...

2- always massage with a soft massage based on small pinches and types. Do not hesitate, it will help you keep the natural support of the skin.

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