Those wonderful 40

Esos maravillosos 40
The forties, yes, that number that a few decades ago seemed to be the end of beauty and that, nowadays, is nothing more than a continuation number. As you read it, your forties are your new 30, simply, a period.

But let's face reality and know what we are going to face during this decade:

  • You'll continue to struggle with fine lines, even if the first few wrinkles but it's up to you and your beauty routine whether they are evident or whether they continue to be lifelines that make you more attractive. Now your main ally will be a good serum allied to a nourishing cream of advanced cosmetics that will take care, from the inside, to repair your wrinkles.
  • Flaccidity of the skin is equally or more feared than wrinkles and the loss of the definition of the facial oval is its maximum consequence. It is due to the low levels of collagen and elastin that have been dropping inside you since the age of 28-30. Fighting it means improving those collagen and elastin levels through advanced anti-aging cosmetics.
  • The new line of MAYSTAR COSMÉTICA: Optimal Renewal has demonstrated, through results on volunteers subjected to OPEN TEST, that it improves MOISTURIZATION AND DESCAMATION by 82%, DENSITY by 89%, REPAIRS IMPERFECTIONS by 96% and IMPROVES SKIN STRUCTURE by 90%.
  • Together with your cosmetic allies, radiofrequency sessions, vitamin and hyaluronic acid injections and supplements based on collagen, silicon, vitamin E and vitamin C can be of great help. All, of course, together with a healthy diet and lifestyle.
Do you need anything else to feel as good at 40 as you did at 30?