5 habits to stop clogging pores

5 hábitos para no obstruir más tus poros
One of the most desired beauty desires of women is to minimize the appearance of pores as much as possible. Absolutely, we all have pores, so stop obsessing about getting the unreal complexion of the girls you see on TV, in magazines or on the RRSS since, for sure, the non-existence of their pores is not due to genetics but to a good filter, lighting or retouching. Let's try to help you with some tips so that your pores, which will always be there, are as inconspicuous as possible and not by camouflaging them with make-up or filters, but simply by following a few tips. daily beauty routines that will help us to minimize them.

Routine to avoid clogging your pores

Stop picking your pimples You will only get inflammation and irritation, increasing pore size. Use cleansing products such as Oil Balance Care Soap Gelwhich removes dirt and make-up residue. Avoid touching your face This daily gesture transmits countless bacteria and impurities to your pores, greasing your skin. So, concentrate and avoid as much as possible to bring your hands to your face. Keep a good thermal spring water at hand and spray whenever you need to bring your hands to your face. Our Thermal Toning Wateris a mild, bacteriologically pure lotion with soothing and desensitizing properties. Do not forget to remove make-up every night One of the essential steps in achieving smoother skin is to have completely clean pores at bedtime. Failure to do so can lead to acne breakouts and premature skin aging. Of course, pore size will be greatly affected. Use a gentle cleansing lotion such as Sensitive Toning Makeup Remover Emulsion which decongests and removes traces of makeup and impurities. Don't forget to exfoliate Exfoliating once or twice a week will help eliminate impurities and prevent acne and blackheads. It is another essential step to minimize pores. Today, there are less aggressive enzymatic exfoliants that are more tolerable for sensitive skin: Double Peeling Renewalwith a double chemical and mechanical action, for a deeper renewal. Use retinol Dissolves acne-causing bacteria, is an excellent anti-wrinkle and pore minimizer.