The tricks of the eye

Los trucos de la mirada

The mirror of the soul and the protagonists of many songs.... The eyes and the look. From the age of 25 you should apply a specific eye contour. such as Eye Contour Cream by Caviar Therapy.

In the morning before makeup or before leaving the house and at night before going to sleep.

Apply the size of a grain of rice and make gentle circles around your eyes until completely absorbed. Twice a week before going to sleep apply Caviar Therapy Eye Contour Mask, leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, massage gently and then apply the mask. Eye Contour Cream from the same line.

We recommend specific cosmetics for eyelids:

Eye Contour Mask and Eye Contour Cream by Caviar Therapy and another excellent option if you are more mature is a star product from our Caviar Therapy Synergy Lift, Excellence Supreme Texture Eye Contour Cream, you'll love its smooth texture.

Vital Beauty Secret:

For an even more seductive look you should try to blink just a little slower, but very little. PaThis is to transmit peace and tranquility to the person in front of you and also to help lubricate your eyes better. They will look much brighter. Natural tear drops give that irresistible sparkle, without overdoing it.