Eyebrow Care

Cuidado Cejas

Eyebrows are the frame of the eyes. And one of the most important focal points. They are a reflection of your personality. There are thinner or thicker eyebrows but they all have elements in common to show them off:

6 Vital Beauty tips to take care of your eyebrows:

  1. Strengthen them with oils: Argan oil, almond oil.
  2. Depilate them properly: The shape of your eyebrows will define your look to the maximum. Clean between the eyebrows, the little hairs that are seen in the arch of the eyelid and go to a professional from time to time to do what we call eyebrow design.
  3. Stimulate growth: Comb them at night against the grain to remove dirt and let them breathe. And have a peeling once a month. (Essential Face Exfoliating Facial Scrub).
  4. Improve your diet: Because overall hair growth depends on it.
  5. Give them color: there are many fun and efficient Kits on the market to give them color, and fill in some of the gaps.
  6. Micropigmentation: If you want to do something more permanent, change the shape or fill in the missing hairs in some area, there are micropigmentation professionals who work miracles. Be well informed before and ask for references.