The 7 mistakes in a waxing procedure

Los 7 errores en una depilación con cera
A few days ago we gave you the keys to make the waxing moment the most effective one. perfect possible. This moment should be done in the best possible way to avoid skin problems. Whether it is done by a professional or by yourself, you must take into account all the factors that can benefit or hinder hair removal. And as we have already told you the good things, now it's time to talk about the things we shouldn't do when it comes to hair removal.

Things not to do with waxing

1- Excessively heat the wax. This can cause burns in the worst cases, or irritation. 2- Apply the wax to areas that are previously damaged, have irritations, pimples or varicose veins. 3- Start applying the roll-on without first applying it on a cotton strip until the wax comes out. 4- Do not apply pressure with the roll-on when applying it to the areas to be waxed. 5- Apply several layers of wax on the same area. A single layer is enough to get a good result. 6- Waiting too long between the moment you apply the wax and the moment you pull it out. 7- Avoid pulling up the wax, as this may cause skin tears and bruises. If you avoid making these mistakes, you will get a good result with little chance of negative side effects. If your skin, even with the utmost care, tends to be reactive and reacts annoyingly to waxing, do not hesitate to use our line STARSOFT with neurosensory actives that minimize pain and skin reactions like no other depilatory wax. A natural wax, free of coloring and rosin.